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Thinking outside the interview: Creative ways of landing an internship

posted by Sara Buckley

During your time at LIM College, as well as after graduation, you’ll hear a lot of advice about how to find a great internship. You’ll hear that you need to network, do research, be passionate and sell yourself. This is all great advice, but what does it really mean to network? How do you sell yourself? When it comes down to it, many students know they need to do these things but are unclear about how to actually do them. The following article, “How to get an awesome internship” from Forbes online magazine, gives some great details about how to go about these tried and true methods.


Photo credit: Kelsey Bennett

As you can see, Forbes suggests the following tips:

  • Do your research
  • Use and know the product
  • See the big picture
  • Be passionate about your field

These are key areas to cultivate when applying for internships. Going above and beyond the basics of being a good job applicant will elevate you to “great applicant” status and make it more likely that you will secure the internship of your dreams.

By Sara Buckley, Career Advisor

Topics: fashion internships, Career Services