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Three Tips For Successful Blogging

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by Edel Singh

Edel_Auto.jpgThe holidays are a great time to recharge your batteries and do things that we’ve been putting off all semester. For me, this has included becoming more active on my personal blog, as well as taking the time to edit pictures from shoots back in October.

While spending hours and hours on social media, I noticed that a whole bunch of LIM Students have jumped into the world of blogging over the holidays, which is exciting. I’ve been blogging since 2012, and thought that this might be a great opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned throughout the years.

  1. Write about something you like.

Because we go to a fashion school, it’s easy to steer towards a fashion blog. But if this is the route you’re taking, make sure you do it properly. Do some research and find blogs that you like, and identify why you like these blogs. Do you appreciate the text or the pictures? Who is your target audience? Writing about something you like, and genuinely care about leads to better content.

  1. Partner up with people.

Edel_Auto_2.jpgIf you put yourself out there in the blogosphere, people are likely to start noticing. You’d be surprised how many people  end up reading what you publish. If you put “blogger” on your resume and on LinkedIn, make sure that the blog shows your best work. In order to make sure that the quality of your work is nothing less than excellent, partner up with people, and let them brainstorm ideas with you, read your drafts and help you with pictures. The pictures are especially important if you have a fashion blog. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Also, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment to blog. Partner up with people who have the time and resources you need.

  1. Don’t spam.

It’s really exciting when you first launch your blog and write all about it on social media. However, after a few posts, people get it and you have to work harder in order to keep your blog interesting. Don’t make your other social media platforms all about your blog. A solution to this is to create a Facebook page for your blog and post more frequently on that, rather than your personal profile.

Good luck bloggers!

(The pictures are taken by photographer Jon Vidar Strømstad, in partnership with the TS Museum of Vintage Automobiles in Norway.)

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