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Tips for Commuters!

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by Melissa Sobel

Homework time
As a commuter, I have learned the ins and outs on how to make commuting into the city effortless. The first thing that WILL help your commute is bringing a tablet with you on the train. Train rides can be tedious and long, which is why having a tablet makes your life ten times easier.

You will also need to be in a hotspot in order to access the internet while on the train. The NYC subway has most stations hooked up and MetroNorth, the Long Island Railroad, and New Jersey Transit have wifi at a lot of their stations. The problem is when you move away from a station. But, whether or not you have wifi, you can still get some work done.

In addition, train rides can be noisy and if you’re like me, you will need quiet while working on homework. On my train line, the first or last car of the train are often designated quiet cars. If you come across no seats in these sections or if your line doesn't have quiet cars, make sure you have a backup plan. AKA: Headphones.

Arrive promptly
Expect delays! Being late is one of my worst nightmares. In order to make sure you are on time for your classes give yourself an hour window. This way when your train is delayed, which it will be, you will still make it to class on time or close to it.

Since time is not on your side when commuting, buy your ticket in advance. When I commuted I bought a monthly pass so I did not have any issues. But if you are only going in one or two days a week you might decide to buy a ticket on those days.

Some train lines let you buy tickets a few weeks in advance and there are also weekly and monthly metrocards. 

Comfort is key
When commuting you are in the hustle and bustle of it all. Running in and out of subway stations and trying to catch the train before the doors shut in your face can be a real pain in the neck. My tip for you is to wear comfortable shoes. I prefer Nike sneakers, but if you’re comfortable walking/running at a fast pace in heels or booties, more power to you.

Don’t break the bank
If you are familiar with the city then you know how expensive it is. My last tip is to brown bag it! You’ll eat a lot healthier and it is more economically efficient. Make sure whatever you bring does not need to be refrigerated or throw a refreezeable ice pack in with your food. Happy commuting!

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