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Tips on How to Handle Stress

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stress.jpgStress: a state of being overwhelmed, having such a busy schedule that your body starts to hurt, and feeling anxious and tired.

In attempting to relieve stress, I find playing my favorite songs on my way to work or school automatically puts me in a better, livelier mood.

I aim to sleep for about eight hours per night and I start my day with a healthy breakfast. 


Something else I find helpful is buying myself my favorite drink or meal on a day that I’m experiencing excess stress. Comfort food, whether it be a McDonald’s Happy Meal or a Starbucks Venti caramel macchiato (with non-fat milk please!), can flip my mood.

Squeezing in a 10-15 min power nap on my break helps me to recharge and feel a bit more relaxed. 

I always try not to procrastinate on my schoolwork by studying as soon as possible. If I have a presentation, I prepare myself by rehearsing in the mirror and by practicing with classmates.


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