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Top 10 Items You’ll Need at the 1760 Residence Hall

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by Breanna Fleming

GirlsRoom1_300As an incoming resident I’m sure you’re all thinking about what life will finally be like to live in the city. Just like any fashion student you want to know how to take advantage of the space you’ll have and make it your own!

Although, it is important to remember that you will be sharing this space with one or two other people. My main advice to you is to take advantage of the storage space in each room, while still trying to be as minimalistic as possible. Bring everything that you will need to make this space feel like your home away from home, but remember that you’ll have to move these items in and out of your room too!

Below are my top 10 items that I think every LIM student will need in there room. I hope this helps you while you’re shopping!

1. Twin Bedding (All beds in 1760 are twin NOT twin xl)
2. A comfortable mattress pad, preferably foam (also invest in mattress and pillow protectors)
3. Various storage shelves (these can be used for food, kitchen supplies, or decorative items)
4. Command strips (if taken off properly they won’t chip the paint!)
5. Three drawer storage carts
6. Keurig or other type of coffee maker (to combat your coffee cravings)
7. Pots, pans, and cooking utensils
8. Cleaning products (LIM does not clean your room for you)
9. Floor length mirror/hanging mirror
10. Extra hangers and hooks for jackets or accessories

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