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Trade Show Visit: Coterie

posted by Luciano DiGiorgio


I recently visited Coterie, one of the biggest vendor showcases on the East Coast at the Javits Center. They had some of the biggest name brands such as Vince, Steve Madden, Toms Shoes, and many more recognizable companies. They also had fairly new companies that are just getting started.

Two booths that stuck out to me were 3x1 and Hudson Jeans. Both of these companies work with denim and the quality of their clothing is amazing. Both companies are also at a higher end price point for their products.

What was exceptional about these two clothing companies was that they didn’t just have a booth. They had an experience ready for visitors.

Coterie_ChineseLaundry.jpgAt 3x1 the layout looked like a smaller concentrated version of their store in SoHo with raw denim on the walls ready to make a garment. They had garments for the next season but what really caught my eye were the people sewing little gift bags for their guests from the rolls of denim that were hanging up. Regarding their products, quaility was high. The denim on the jeans was constructed really well and didn’t seem rushed in the process.

At Hudson Jeans, they had more variety to buy from. Also, their quality was up to par. They put the time into constructing the garments. A nice little touch was a big lounge for the different buyers, so they could relax and get some food to eat. They also had some of the cast from Hamilton performing and people painting murals on the booth's walls.

Two trends that I saw that caught my eye were tribal prints and ripped jeans. I saw a lot of vendors with many different types of tribal prints. It was flowy on dresses and pants and it seems to me that a lot of the companies were going with the “earthy vibe” as the garments themselves were freer and loose-fitting. The colors really caught your eye and they were bright and very vibrant.

Coterie_Hall_Crop.jpgRipped jeans are a classic staple, but what I saw was even more of a distressed look. I expected the distressed area to be on one or two areas of the garment, but now the distressed look was on the front, back, and on the pockets. They didn’t leave an area on the jeans that wasn't ripped. This was popular item among the vendors throughout the show trying to sell this type product. I feel that this trend is not going away for a long time.

Overall, the show was very interesting. You hear in class how people depend on events like these, but to see it all in action and to put the two together made it real. You see the hustle that people have to go through to try to sell their product and all the hard work they put into it. It is not a glamorous reality. The event was a great experience. I had a good time seeing how it is done by professionals.

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Luciano DiGiorgio is a junior in LIM College's Fashion Merchandising Department. He is also an Orientation Leader in LIM's Student Mentor program and a Career Peer in the Department of Experiential Education & Career Management.

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