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Transfer Spotlight: Milnalis Diese

posted by Milnalis Diese

  1. How did you hear about LIM College?

I went to Herkimer Community College for two years to get my Associate’s degree. Laura Healy came to my school to talk to us about LIM College. I knew from the moment she spoke that I was meant to be at LIM College. She told me about the hands-on fashion experience and how campus is located in the heart of Manhattan. I loved the senior co-op, where seniors could work Monday through Thursday in the field and then attend classes on Friday. I liked that I was going to get hands-on experience in fashion.

  1. Photo of Mina.jpgWhy did you decide to transfer to LIM College?

I chose LIM College because of the hands-on experience I was going to get. I originally wanted to go to FIT ever since I was eight-years old. But I ultimately decided to go to LIM because I knew that I would gain more fashion knowledge.

  1. What has the first month of school been like?

Very challenging, but in a good way. I live in the Bronx, so I never really explored Manhattan since I live in New York. I like having to go from Townhouse to Maxwell, then straight to my internship. I like the fast pace of school and work. LIM helped me earn a job with Banana Republic. I knew that I needed a retail job for my Industry Exploration Seminar class so I decided to go to The Retail Run. I visited Ann Taylor, Uniqlo, Cole Haan, and Banana Republic. I was offered a job at Uniqlo and Banana Republic, but I decided I wanted to work at Banana Republic on Fifth Avenue.

  1. What is the difference between LIM College and the other colleges you were looking to study at?

I’m a very colorful person. When I visited LIM College, I was drawn to all the beautiful colors on campus. When I visited FIT, I could just tell the counselors weren’t as connected with the students, but at LIM I can tell the counselors care. I feel really welcome as a transfer student, and a lot of colleges aren’t as welcoming to transfer students.

  1. What are your career goals and aspirations?

Someday I will be a fashion director for a brand. I want to be involved in everything; styling, photo shoots, marketing. I love it all.

  1. What inspires you about fashion? Why did you decide to study fashion merchandising?

I love fashion because you can wear the same thing as someone else, but style it in a totally different way. Style is your fingerprint in fashion, it’s custom to each person.

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