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Vicky Hung, Taiwan: Studying Abroad at LIM College

posted by Vicky Hung


Time flies. I’ve finished my first semester in LIM College and after studying here for one semester, I found out that I’ve changed. I've become more confident and independent.

I remember when I first got here, I couldn’t even talk on the phone to make an appointment by myself. My roommate had to help me out because I was too nervous. But now, I can communicate fluently on the phone, and I'm able to deal with a lot of things alone.

VickyHung_food.jpgAnother big change is that I started to cook. I didn't know how to cook before because eating in restaurants is not that expensive in Taiwan. Also we have stores that sell prepared food which are open 24 hours. Therefore, it’s very convenient to buy food.

However, it’s the opposite here. And, as an exchange student, in order not to go over my budget, I started to learn how to cook from online recipes or just reading what was on a food package. 

Furthermore, I’m very impressed about the students in LIM College. I found out that everyone knows what they want. I’ve heard many students talk about what they want to be in the future and how they are going to guide themselves to fulfill their goals.

I personally think that the Senior Co-op is a very good policy for students. In my home school, we don’t have to do an internship in order to graduate. Therefore, most people don’t really think about their future until they're about to graduate.

In addition, LIM offers many useful classes and resources that we can take advantage of. For example, the Department of Experiential Education & Career Management (EECM). I was very anxious about graduating soon, and worrying about how I would be able find a job or internship. Therefore, I made an appointment with my Career Advisor which helped clear my mind about what my next steps should be.

I’ve told my parents that I wish I had studied at LIM for my entire four years of college so I would be more well-prepared for the future since there are so many resources that LIM offers students. However, I’m still glad that I chose to come here as an exchange student. I believe that this will be one of the best memories of my life.                     

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