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Welcome back!

posted by Susan Bauer


Welcome & Welcome Back!

August is a time for both faculty and staff at the College to prepare for a new academic year. I have been thinking about what to write to all of you – to those students returning and to those just beginning. What can I write that is inspiring? What can I write that will excite the students as they either continue or begin on their career path into the fashion and related industries? Essentially, we prepare in the same manner, year after year, and not much changes for us. And then it hit me…

I had breakfast with a group of students this past Friday and as I looked around the room I realized I was wrong in thinking that nothing changes for faculty and staff as we prepare for an academic year. I was wrong in thinking it is the same-old, same-old drill as we prepare for your arrival. It can never be the same because each year we are challenged by and engaged with new personalities, new cultures, new life stories, and most importantly, new career ideas from all of you.

You think outside of the box. You want to explore things we could only have dreamed of when we were in college. You are the reason we are here because you inspire us. You teach us and we learn more from you each year than could ever be captured in a textbook or seminar.

As the Senior Director of Experiential Education & Career Management, I want to let you know how excited my department is to work with you. Your Career Advisor, as well as the entire department, is vested in your success. Introduce yourself to the professionals working in EECM; we are a critical part of your journey here, guiding you on your internship and career path for the next few years and hopefully for many years to come – even after you graduate.

Personally, I hope to meet each and everyone one of you. Please introduce yourselves if we are in an elevator, sitting next to one another at an event, or if you spot me on the subway – networking for your future begins now. Your dreams are important to me and to everyone at LIM College. I hope you all have an amazing semester and I look forward to putting names to your faces in the days and months to come.


Ms. Bauer

PS - If you're looking for more information on our department, our section of the LIM website is a great place to start!


By: Susan Bauer

Senior Director of Experiential Education & Career Management

Topics: student life, Student Advice, Career Services