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posted by Susan Bauer

As the Senior Director of Experiential Education & Career Management at LIM College I would like to welcome all of you to the beginning of the 2014- 2015 Academic Year. This is a time of new beginnings in a lot of ways in addition to the beginning of the year. This is the department’s first blog post and going forward, I will refer to the Department as just EECM. On behalf of the entire team, we would like to welcome you to EECM and we hope that your fall semester is a good one for your career.


How can you make it a good one? Well, a couple of months ago I asked the EECM team to define what employment means not only to our students, but to us – those championing the students to achieve their best. This is what we came up with:

E. Engage – with EECM, the industry and the College

M. Motivate – get it together and get it going

P. Persevere – do not take no for an answer

L. Learn – everything you can

O. Optimize Opportunities – seize the moment

Y. YOU – who it is all about

M. Meaning – find something fulfilling

E. Execute – put your plan into action

N. Negotiate – make it happen

T. TODAY – is when you begin

Remember this acronym as you navigate both your career and academic paths at LIM College. This is the beginning of a new year; a year full of opportunities for greatness. The EECM team will be delivering content to you every few weeks – please check what we have to share with all of you. We are here to advise and guide you – now go start being GREAT.

Best of luck to all of you this year.

Sincerely - Ms. Bauer

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