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What I learned at LIM

posted by Yusra Siddiqui

LIM_LogoWTag.gifCollege IS different. It’s exciting. It’s this whole new world that you’re thrown into, and when your thrown into a school targeted around a dream you’ve been dreaming since you were in the 7th grade doing your project on Kate Spade, it’s surreal.

Being in the hub of Fashion. New York City, and attending LIM College, I have learned things I probably wouldn’t have learned from the characters I watched on CW’s Gossip Girl. In just one year, the school has shaped me into the hardworking aspiring business student I always wanted to be.

You will research,CONSTANTLY.

Be prepared to set aside time and do your research, using Vogue, The Zoe Report, WWD, Who What Wear, Business of Fashion, etc.

You will need to keep up with how politics are affecting the industry, the ethics of fashion/sustainability, how companies are doing in profits, new CEO's, business ventures, etc.

 Your professors know what they’re doing.

You are indeed learning from the best. In only my first year, I learned from professors that have done everything from own their own business, to work at prestigious names like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Keep good relations with them!


The way you carry yourself is important. LIM classes have quite a bit of presentations, and you need to present your ideas in a confident matter, because if you sound like you're unsure of what you're saying, so will everyone else. For interviews, make sure that person knows that you are READY for this job/internship/opportunity.

 Don't be afraid to say "Hi!"

Networking is important. Don't be afraid to go to career fairs and introduce yourself. Don't be afraid to keep up with a professor if you know they've worked in the industry. Being a freshman doesn’t mean you can’t spark up a conversation. You got this, I promise.

 Work Work Work!

Experience is everything. Don't fear starting small. Whether it’s starting your own blog, or working at a retail store, it  pays off in the end. Luckily, LIM has got you covered with Symplicity– a program the school uses to upload students on new jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. In only my first year I landed my first internship working behind the scenes of Fashion Week.

Take the initiative.

Never think you are too young. For my past 2 Internships, I have been surrounded by Grad students, college seniors and juniors. If you think you have what it takes to meet the requirements and tasks of an internship/job, go for it, and prove to them why you're a qualified candidate. You never know if you never try. 

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

My creative mindset and personal style upgraded after my first year. Never be afraid to walk down Fifth Avenue and take pictures of that new Visual Display. There are days where on my lunch break I simply would walk into Saks and study their new arrivals and visuals. You will not only see things that inspire you, but you will meet professors, students, guests, and alumni who will inspire you.  

All in all, my first year experience at LIM College was one I will never forget, and I hope you can say the same.