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What It's Like to Be a Fashion Merchandising Major

posted by Aaliyah Lockhart


Being a Fashion Merchandising major with a track in Buying and Planning, I have taken many courses and professors that are very beneficial for my career.

I've also had numerous professors that have been a buyer or have some type of connections with buyers. The professors are always willing to help and try their best to assist students in any way they can to assure their students are successful.

For me, the courses that I have taken will definitely help me in my career, whether it be what I learned about writing, speech, business spreadsheets, management or classes that help with buying such as Buying and Merchandising Math or Advanced Buying and Planning. All of my classes will allow me to be better and more comfortable as I go through my career.

Internships also are a big part of the college experience at LIM. It allows each and every student to have a chance to do as much as they can in the fashion industry. This is a huge step because the internships are great opportunities to see just what it is like to work in the industry, whether it be in retail or the corporate world, and also gives us the opportunity to see the difference between good management and bad management.

The courses and internships are a huge step for our careers and they provide us with a boost and great connections after college. This way, no one feels left behind or like they are not ready to jump into their careers.

LIM has many connections and a great name in the fashion industry. Once I graduate I feel I will be fully prepared and able to get my dream job in my chosen field of the fashion world and will have many connections to take with me.  

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