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Life at LIM: Capstone Projects

posted by Michael Londrigan, Vice President for Academic Affairs.


From classes taught by industry leaders to invaluable internships, LIM students are more than ready to work for the top fashion companies in the world when they graduate. But before they do, they must complete a senior capstone course.

Here’s a closer look at the experience:

A capstone course is your time to shine. This is the moment where an LIM student gets to demonstrate all they’ve learned.

In this final project, students integrate and synthesize everything they can from their time with us, using everything from our library databases to experience gained on their internships to networking with industry professionals — not to mention all they’ve learned from all their professors.

The final project is a creative, collaborative effort resulting in a body of work that reflects who our students have become.

It’s collaborative. Since it’s a class experience, students are led by a professor and choose a “client” company together, building one project over the entire semester, working in groups with likeminded peers.

It’s presented to industry professionals. Students present their completed group projects to an audience of faculty and administrators, as well as industry professionals. In previous semesters, these fashion business leaders included the Director of International Merchandising at Coach, the Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Nine West Jewelry, and the Vice President of Marketing at Wacoal America.

We love seeing the creative concepts our students come up with. It seems like they get more innovative every year. Recent Visual Merchandising capstone projects included:

ArtShare. An online and in-person platform to transform the art-buying experience and make art more accessible.

MoodFood. An app linking cuisine to a variety of moods, cultures, and events, the concept for MoodFood included interactive and personalized ways to try novel recipes or provide “old favorites” to users everywhere.

Studio Solutions. A website and app where customers could curate their dream living space.

Ready to come up with your own industry-transforming concept? There’s plenty of room for your talent at LIM.