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Life At LIM: Delta Mu Delta

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When you work hard—and keep your GPA above 3.5—you might be invited to join Delta Mu Delta, an international business honor society recognizing and encouraging academic excellence.

So what is Delta Mu? Why should you want an invitation to join? Here are three things to know:

1. Delta Mu is forever.

Once you join, you're a lifetime member. That means you'll have access to the whole of the Delta Mu (DMD) network, which includes 150,000 members across the world.

2. It's a resume-booster.

Delta Mu Delta tells future employers that you're among the best and brightest. That you work the hardest. That you take what you do seriously. Putting DMD on your resume can help open doors in your fashion business career.

3. You could be eligible for scholarships.

DMD gives away more than $50,000 in scholarships each year.

We think all LIM students should strive to become members of Delta Mu Delta. Interested in someday joining? Take a look at LIM College’s undergraduate majors and degree programs.