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What's to Love at LIM: Our Industry Exploration Internships

posted by Patricia Curran Whiteman, Associate Director of Experiential Education

As you search for the right college for you, you're probably reading a lot about internships—and that's because in today's job market, having real-world work experience already on your resume is virtually a non-negotiable. So that brings us to something our students love about LIM, and you will too if you end up here: internships are actually required to graduate. The first one you'll have is called an Industry Exploration internship. Here's what you need to know. WhatToLove_2.jpg

Every student follows the EECM curriculum. In addition to the courses you'll take for your major, you'll also take required courses through our Department of Experiential Education & Career Management. The EECM curriculum is three-tiered, and at each level, there is a seminar and an internship. The first level is focused on industry exploration, where you'll work on basic career development tools, like self-assessment, personal branding, interview skills, and more before starting your first internship. 

Most students get an Industry Exploration internship in retail. As a college that specializes in the business of fashion, we believe that having a foundation in retail—seeing where the brand meets the consumer—is incredibly important. In the Industry Exploration Internship: Retail experience, students spend approximately 10 to 15 hours per week over the course of the semester in a retail-based setting, taking with them a semester's worth of course work that helps them bring their studies to life. (If you're considering transferring in, however, and have already had a full year's worth of retail experience, you could instead opt to apply for our Industry Exploration Internship: Corporate route.)

We're here to help. While it'll be up to you to find and secure your Industry Exploration internship—we encourage students to hit the streets and walk into stores—you can always connect with one of our career advisors or instructors for guidance. We also provide support with a program we call the “Retail Run.” At the top of each semester, we partner with a select group of retail establishments that then set aside a specific day and time for LIM students to come in and apply.

LIM students don't just intern anywhere. When we say "retail establishments," we mean top companies in NYC. A few examples of companies we've worked with over the years include Banana Republic, Express, Intermix, Guess INC., Michael Kors, and Top Shop. Our students have also secured paid retail positions at places like Abercrombie & Fitch, Alex & Ani, Christian Louboutin, Tiffany & Co., Vince Camuto, West Elm Market, Lord & Taylor, Club Monaco, and Barney's New York. (More examples here!)

Want to learn more about our EECM curriculum or Industry Exploration experience? Contact us anytime. Eager to snag a retail internship for yourself? Apply to LIM today so you can start planning your future.


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