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What’s To Love At LIM: We Take On The Big Issues

posted by Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions


You know already how important fashion is. Fashion is a language of expression—it’s about identity and body politics; it’s about class and socioeconomics; and, of course, it’s about art. 

Those are just some of the issues you’ll discuss as a student at LIM, in addition to even more pressing questions. Like: 

Are leggings pants? 

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you know this is a highly contentious issue. Which is just one more thing we love at LIM: Our expert profs slay questions like these. 

When Prof. Amanda Hallay was interviewed on this topic for The Atlantic-Journal Constitution, she had a few argument-settling things to say about the leggings-as-pants issue. 

  1. “Leggings have been a ubiquitous part of most women’s wardrobes for decades without raising an eyebrow.” They first appeared as colorful streetwear in the late 1970s and early 80s. Then, in the 90s, black leggings became fashionable anti-fashion.” 

  2. “As versatile and comfortable as a pair of beloved blue jeans, leggings are like that accommodating friend who’ll agree to do whatever we want to do.” Dress them up or dress them down, Hallay says. They’ve been our go-to wardrobe wingman for almost 40 years.

  3. However: An outfit with leggings should never read as intimate apparel not if you want to go out of the house.” 

See? At LIM, we've got the answers.


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