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Why I Transferred to LIM College

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by Victoria Stankus

I was never really the most fashionable person. In high school...Sweat pants and a sweat shirt was my favorite outfit. It took me a while to realize what it was that I wanted to do.

My first retail job was at T.J.Maxx and after a month I was in charge of my own department. That was when I fell in love with retail. I loved the crazy hours, always having something different to do everyday, and the interaction with customers.

I was hooked and wanted to learn more of what I could do in the world of retail. I looked into all different careers as you moved up, and soon learned that you didn’t have to be at the store level for the rest of your life. 

My local community college had come out with a new program, An Associate Degree in the Applied Science of Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management. Throughout my classes, I learned even more about fashion and merchandising and quickly realized it was the way to go.

When it was time to transfer, I wanted a school that would benefit me the most by giving me the education, experiences and tools in what it would take to become successful in the fashion industry. My mother told me about LIM when I was searching for schools. Not only was LIM the perfect school for me academically, it was also located in the best city for fashion and in the perfect location, Fifth Avenue!

I never realized how much I loved New York along with how quickly it would become a part of me. LIM was by far the best decision I have ever made since it has brought me to life. It lit a fire inside of me with a desire I never knew I had.

With every internship, I have gained more and more confidence that I can accomplish anything I possibly want to in the industry all because I made the choice to apply to LIM College. Always take chances, because in the end they become some of the best experiences and decisions you will ever make.

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