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Working or Interning this Summer? Here are Five Tips to Make the Most of It.

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100_Percent_Success.jpg1. Take on more hours – If you’re not taking classes over the summer, you might as well make some money! Summer is a great time to relax by the pool, sleep all day, and do nothing, but that’s not as cool as having money in your bank account. Plus, you will increase your value at your company!

2. With more hours comes more responsibility – Build up your skill set and expand your knowledge. The more time you spend at a company, the more responsibilities you’re going to have, so embrace them. Remember, the more responsibilities you have, the more you’re going to learn and the more marketable you are to employers.

3. Ask questions – Asking questions means that you’re serious about what you’re doing and want to know more. Your supervisor should welcome questions. After all, your supervisor was also once where you are, so he/she should understand. If both parties are open to it, you may want to have a mentor/mentee relationship.

4. Try a different area or department than what you’re used to – Become an expert across all domains in your field. E.g. Beyoncé is a triple threat – she sings, dances, and acts. Nothing is more valuable or marketable than someone who knows everything about the business. This is where leaders come from.

5. Is your boss attending industry events? See if you can tag along! – NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! I hope this is clear. Yes, attending industry events gives you access to various people from different companies across the industry. This is prime networking time. Make a game plan, bring business cards, have mints handy, and just be yourself.

Barbara Lerman, Career Advisor

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