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You Know You Belong in the Business of Fashion When...

posted by Michael Londrigan, Dean of Academic Affairs

If you're contemplating a career in fashion, but you're not really interested in designing clothes, remember this: there's so much more to this trillion dollar industry than what you see on the runway at Fashion Week. From merchandising to marketing, media, and beyond, you might find that you belong in the business side of fashion, especially if...


... you care about the environment and where the fibers and fabrics you wear come from.

... checking out store window displays is one of your holiday traditions.

... you're constantly retweeting your favorite fashion journalists. 

... your friends call you first when they're in need of styling advice.

... you always look at clothing labels to see what they are made of and where they are coming from. 

... you've noticed that so many stores put women's clothes on the left side and men's clothes on the right.

... you rip pages out of fashion magazines because you love the photography. 

... international trade issues interest you just as much as fashion does.

... you have great ideas for promoting the jewelry line your aunt is putting together.  

... your social media posts celebrate fashion.

... you think the coolest thing about owning a store would be deciding on what merchandise to fill it with.

... interviewing the hottest new designer sounds more appealing than being the hottest new designer.

... an article about how diverse cultures affect the strategies of a global fashion firm really got you thinking.

We could go on! But the point is that, whether you realize it or not, your interest in certain things when it comes to fashion could mean you'd thrive in a career on the business side—and that's exactly what LIM College will set you up to do. 

We offer undergraduate majors in fashion media, fashion merchandising, international business, visual merchandising, marketing, and management, as well as concentrations in areas like cosmetics, event planning, and more. Located in the heart of the fashion capital that is New York City, LIM also boasts a faculty of fashion experts and a dedicated admissions team who can help you find exactly where you fit in this exciting industry. (For example, that thing we mentioned about acknowledging which side of the store women's clothes are sold on—that could mean your calling is in visual merchandising.)

Think LIM could be your next step after high school? Click below to learn more about us now.


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