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Bergdorf display

Join our Visual Merchandising bloggers as they reveal the ins and outs of a Visual Merchandising education at LIM College.

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Summer Internship in Italy


Visual Merchandising major John Lynch is spending a month in Italy this summer interning with the retail design company Grottini. Recently, a fellow Visual Merchandising student, Liz Berardi, joined him there in Porto Recanati. This past weekend, the two of them spent time in Florence exploring all of the beautiful sights the city has to offer. Here they are in Santa Croce.

LIM College students in Santa Croce

Saks Window Display Challenge

by Meghan McDermott, Class of 2015
Saks LIM College window

Window by John Lynch & Alexis Gonzalez

design:retail and Saks Fifth Avenue hosted their third annual Student Window Challenge on June 5. This daylong challenge was held inside the windows along 49th Street at the Saks Fifth Ave flagship store. The competition included twelve students, six of whom were from LIM College -- John Lynch, Elizabeth Berardi, Alexis Gonzales, Monai McCullough, Vinessa Soluri and Christian Alzate.

LIM senior John Lynch described the challenge as an amazing experience. “Being surrounded by such prominent people in the industry and working with them one-on-one was so gratifying. How many people have the opportunity to say that their name is on a Saks window?”

Students were paired up and presented with a challenge to create a window display with only the supplies they were given on the day of the challenge. Nobody knew what the supplies would consist of until they were presented to them, so a great deal of innovation, creativity and thinking on your feet and under pressure were necessary in this competition. While teams worked independently, they had the advantage of gaining insight from prominent industry professionals and guidance from the visual directors at Saks.

Saks LIM College window

Window by Elizabeth Berardi & Monai McCullough

Senior Liz Berardi reflected upon her experience in this competition as well as her time here at LIM. “LIM College has provided me with many great opportunities that are preparing me for my future. Getting the chance to work with industry professionals along with classmates to construct and execute conceptual designs is very rewarding.”

You can check out the incredible work by these dedicated students at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store through June 20.

Old School’s New School

by Meghan McDermott, Class of 2015
mannequin next to picture

Graphics by Lindsay Nunnyer
Mannequin by Alexis Gonzalez

For the past seven years, LIM College has collaborated with George Little Management, the producers of the National Stationery Show at the Jacob Javits Center, to design and execute the display for the show’s Best New Products section.

This year our driving force of inspiration was a middle ground between left and right brain. We were heavily influenced by technologic advancements in society as well as the natural and organic creative process that comes with being a young industry professional -- a play on Old School’s New School.

The team was able to convey these contrasting elements in a cohesive way by incorporating technology, hardware, geometric shapes in a 3D manner, and a bold color palette against matte black and white.

big green gem necklace

All Things Wedding by Meghan McDermott

The team decided to design display tables trimmed with computer parts that we extracted from old units by hand ourselves. Each one of us had the opportunity to trim a bust form. Each and every bust form revealed not only our interpretation of the evolving mind of a young and modern industry professional, but our own personal flair as well.

LIM College is renowned for providing students with opportunities outside the classroom that allow us to evolve and excel as individuals and industry professionals. Through client meetings in the board room and visual team brainstorming sessions, to the sourcing of supplies within a budget and time allocation for effective install and breakdown, the National Stationery Show is a challenging opportunity that provides as an extremely beneficial learning experience.

mannequin with yellow bikini

Do-It-Yourself by John Lynch

mannequin with artistic bikini

The Desktop by Liz Berardi

Road Trip: An International Education in Visual Merchandising


In May 2014, 13 LIM College Visual Merchandising students, one alumna and three faculty members hit the road and headed to Montreal to get an international perspective on their field as guests of JP Metal America. JP Metal America is one of the largest store fixture producers in North America and is at the cutting edge of retail design trends.

Visual Merchandising Chair Eric Feigenbaum blogged about the experience for VMSD. Read about the trip here.

Road Trip   Eric Feigenbaum   3 students resized 600

Photo by: Ashley Woo

Looking Forward to My Final Visual Merchandising Internship

by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

During your senior year at LIM College you do a final internship for the entire Spring semester. This semester has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already time to do my own Senior Co-op internship at Alexander Wang.

Although it was a struggle to find one, I am very happy with the internship I chose. I interviewed at many places, including: Chanel, Dior, and John Varvatos. I was very nervous to hear back, as I didn’t know who I was going to hear from first.

It is an exciting experience because you’re entering your final semester and you’re hoping for a job at the end of it all. I am well-prepared to start my Senior Co-op internship in Visual Merchandising and have gained a lot of knowledge from my professors here at LIM College over the last three and a half years.  I am ready to grow even more as a person through this internship and I’m looking forward to starting it. As for now, I can only hope to have the best experience and get as much out of it as possible.

VM 121813

Visual Merchandising Project: Graffiti Meets Luxury

by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

One of my last projects in my Product Presentation class was to design a storewide promotion. The inspiration we were given was graffiti. As a group we had to design four vitrines and a mannequin presentation. They are now on display in LIM College’s 5th Ave building.

We decided to drive home the graffiti theme by implementing the design on the skirt and all the vitrines, which would house props that would tie back to the display.

Erin Meade - Grafitti Skirt

Erin Meade - Graffiti Skirt

Our store concept was high-end, therefore we had to take the graffiti and make it look elegant and neat. We decided to grid the backdrop of the mannequin by using frames that would be graffiti-ed as well. We also added one mirror on the backdrop to help give it that high-end luxury look.

Erin Meade - graffiti jewelry

We used black pumps, a gold rich necklace and vibrant lipstick throughout the vitrines. Each vitrine had it’s own purpose – to promote the fashion apparel and accessories that would be featured at this high-end store. Overall, the concept was fun to design and implement.

Erin Meade - graffiti shoes

Visual Merchandising Project: Futuristic Crude

by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

For the Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) Student Gallery Project, LIM College selected nine students to participate and design their own punk mannequin using essentials such as safety pins, razors, studs and spikes. The color palette featured only black and white and the design was required to have an “artfully destroyed” look to it, even though it was focused around a punk theme.

I came up with a design that featured black and white pants that were made mostly out of safety pins. I also added white pleather panels to the top of the slacks to keep them together.

Erin Meade - Mannequin pants

For the top, I decided to go with a structured blazed that had a collar that sticks up into points and the bottom replicated a peplum concept. The blazer was done in translucent plastic material and the color was done using black pleather. I then added more safety pins to the blazer.

Erin Meade - Mannequin hair

Everything worked well together in the overall piece…. I call my mannequin Futuristic Crude

Erin Meade - Mannequin

Working on Macy’s Holiday Windows

by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

Thanks to one of LIM College’s Visual Merchandising professors, I had the chance to assist with the fabrication work of this year’s Macy’s Christmas Windows. Professor Paul Olszewski is Macy’s Visual Director and heads the team that creates the windows.

LIM College - Macy's window

The windows are very interactive this year and the overall aesthetic is fun, with a whimsical Christmas story twist. I did everything from paint Christmas trees to help sculpt and smooth out the ice sculptures. I was able to bedazzle the reindeer’s antlers -- and even helped out with the LED lights that turn into fairies. I remember walking in on my first day and seeing each window displayed along the wall.

LIM College - Macy's window

The windows create a marvelous experience for anyone walking by, through providing an effortless dream that becomes magical. It is a beautiful Christmas story that is told throughout all the windows. Prof. Olszewski also explained the ideas and concepts Macy’s decided to go with this season to our class.

LIM College - Macy's WindowPhoto by Eric Feigenbaum

It was an honor to be able to work on the windows and be a part of something that inspires and delights so many.

Merry Christmas, LIM!

LIM College - Macy's WindowPhoto by Eric Feigenbaum

Here is Prof. Olszewski with LIM’s Associate Chair of Visual Merchandising, Marjorie Lee Woo.

Prof. Olszewski and Marjorie Lee Woo.Photo by Eric Feigenbaum

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier


Eric Feigenbaum, Chair of LIM College’s Visual Merchandising Department and New York Editor of VMSD magazine, attended the press preview for "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk," a new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Professor Feigenbaum shares his thoughts about the experience on VMSD’s website.


Iron Merchant Visual Merchandising Challenge

by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

The Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition was held at Maxwell Hall during Family & Friends Weekend. During the event, four teams were given a mannequin and about an hour to design and finish a concept inspired by “punk.” The teams also needed to include a “secret ingredient,” which was handcuffs.

As the announcers introduced the challenge, concepts were already going through my head. Once they said we could start....ready set go! I explained the concept I had in mind to the rest of my team to see if we were all on the same page -- and we were.

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition

Each team member had a part they could design freely while keeping with the punk-inspired look. My team, the purple team, designed a fur structured/messy top clipped with safety pins and a skirt made of zippers. We finished it with a Mohawk, of course, and punk accessories.

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition

The experience was amazing -- fast paced, energetic and fun. The displays all came together and reflected a punk look. It was great to see each team’s own aesthetic.

The purple team created the winning Iron Merchant display!

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition - purple team

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