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Do’s and Don’ts for Giving Your Period of Notice at Work

posted by Sonal Agarwal

ComputerPhoneNotebookCoffee.jpgSo, you’ve made your decision. I am sure you have a better plan, and something more exciting ahead of you. Congratulations! However, please know that it’s not over yet. You still have a few days to go.

What they call the "notice period" could last anywhere from a week, to two weeks or even more. In some cases, it could be even a day, or a few hours.

The generally accepted timeframe in the U.S. is to give your current employer at least two weeks so they can find someone else to take your place. (Although what job post really gets filled in two weeks?) Even if  you are “suffering” at your job, you want to be thought of as fair and you also don't want to burn any bridges.

Once you've given you notice though, you're still not in the clear. Those last few days are extremely important. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your notice period goes smoothly and also helps you leave a good last impression before your departure.

  1. Be on time and don't waste time

  2. Just because your tenure is going to end soon does not mean you should start showing up late for work or start goofing off.

  3. HappyWorker.jpgBe modest – never show off

  4. Those around you know that you're happy to get a new gig, but even if it's the dream job everyone wants, don't be boastful or brag about your next place of employment.

  5. Don't talk smack about your current job

  6. This is crucial even if you're not leaving for a better gig. Do not bad mouth your current boss, co-workers or the company you work for. You always want to be viewed as a nice, pleasant person and not someone who is bitter or spiteful.

  7. Be nice to everyone

  8. This includes the people you will be glad to never have to see again. 

    1. Help as many people as you can

    2. Even though you may be busy finishing up task and projects, still find time to help out your colleagues. This will allow people to think of you in a wisful way after you've gone! 

Remember when leaving any place of employment to always keep your doors open. It is so important throughout your career to never  burn any bridges.

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