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Graduate Student Spotlight: GAP Board Member Alyssa Negron

posted by Casey Miller


Alyssa Negron

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Woodhaven, NY

Major: Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management (FMRM)


Job/Internship: (Current Job): Footlocker, Inc. - Buying Assistant for Men's Apparel Footlocker Division; (Current Internship): JED Group, LLC - Sales & Merchandising & Marketing Intern; (Recent Internship): Jordache Enterprices, Inc. - Marketing Intern 

Extracurricular activities: Graduate Student Activities & Programming Board (GAP)

Why did you choose LIM to complete your graduate degree?: LIM was the best option for my graduate degree because the curriculum was designed to teach career changers about the industry as well as sufficiently prepare students for the workforce.

What has been your favorite moment of attending LIM? In the classroom, my favorite event has been working with my group to create a Fall '17 line for Rag & Bone as a final project. Outside of the classroom, I have enjoyed planning and attending GAP events.

What do you hope to do post-grad?

I hope to either move up in my current company as a Associate Buyer, or a Planner, or become employed as an Associate Buyer or Planner at a different company. Eventually I would like to officially launch my own hosiery line. 

Do you have any advice for prospective students? 

Take absolute advantage of all the resources that LIM has to offer, especially if you are a career changer. If you are unsure what field you are interested in, that is perfectly fine, just ask EECM for advice. EECM is extremely helpful with making tough decisions. EECM is a helpful resource for finding jobs and internships. If it wasn't for EECM, I wouldn't be wear I am today. Be involved with the LIM community, or the fashion industry. Extracurricular activities are favored by many companies because it shows leadership skills that are highly recommended for prospective applicants.

Check out our Fashion Merchandising & Retail Managment page for more info.

Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management

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