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Graduate Student Spotlight: Shauna Harlow

posted by Casey Miller

Shauna_Harlow.jpgName: Shauna Harlow

Class Year: Graduate Student/Fall 2017

Hometown: Scituate, RI

Major: Masters of Professional Studies in Fashion Marketing


Job/Internship: Visual Merchandising Intern at David Yurman

Extracurricular: Her Campus

Why did you choose LIM to complete your graduate degree?

SH: “Where business meets fashion.” The logo for LIM is ultimately what sold me on wanting to pursue my master's degree there. My undergrad degree was in fashion and business and I was looking for a graduate school that incorporated both fashion and business as well. Everything from the logo, to the pictures of the buildings and classrooms, to the courses the school offered, had me sold over any other fashion school. Also being in New York was key. It has always been a dream of mine since I was younger and it is the fashion capital, so what better place to be!

What has been your favorite moment of attending LIM?

The LIM sponsored events I’ve been to always offer great networking opportunities. I’ve met a lot of teachers, staff and other students who are contributing to my success.

Tell Us About Your Internship Experience This Semester.

SH: David Yurman is a luxury jewelry brand that specializes in both men and women’s jewelry. Their jewelry is known to be both a fashion statement and a work of art! I get to see and work with the jewelry every day, which is really exciting and I must say very pretty, but also expensive! Ha-ha. I found the internship through our school's Simplicity page. Simplicity is a great website that everyone should be on where available jobs and internships are posted daily. They are super easy to apply for, you just email them your resume and you get a full list of responsibilities and duties that the job/internship is offering.

Depending on the day I do typical intern duties and lots of paperwork. I’m the go-to girl when someone needs a box opened, papers copied, or to run down the street when we ran out of tape. I’ve been learning a lot more about how to use excel and completing invoices for the company. I get to work alongside my boss and help design the David Yurman windows. The company is very efficient and fast paced so we’re always in meetings, making phone calls, and running around trying to finish projects. I love being a part of this team!

What do you hope to do post-grad?

SH: Post-grad I hope to be in a corporate environment doing some type of marketing, PR, or social media for a company. I want to take all the knowledge I’ve learned from school and work and bring it to a company where I can make a difference and help the company strive and grow.

Do you have any advice for students hoping to break into the industry?

SH: Start making connections and getting as much experience as possible, especially with internships. Unfortunately, until moving to NYC I had plenty of retail experience in various store environments, but I knew this wasn’t going to help me get to where I wanted to be. Being in my internship has made my days way more enjoyable and rewarding. You learn new things every day all while connecting with great people around you who can help you later in life! Make sure to always do your research, be organized, and always make sure you're happy!

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