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Mission Possible: Focusing During the Summer Semester

posted by Dylan Ebraheem

Taxi.jpgGraduate school is a huge transition from undergrad, but the hardest has to be not having a summer vacation.  It tends to get harder to focus once the weather warms up and all the fun things start to pop up around the city.  Here are a few tips to help you hone in on your work without procrastinating too much.

 Take Breaks

 It may seem counterproductive but sometimes a break is the only way to keep you focused through long intervals of time studying and doing homework.  A small stroll or a snack break is a great way to give you a jump of energy to push through your to-do list.


 Sometimes you just might need some me time.  Put your books aside, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply and just let yourself relax and get lost in your breathing.  Try to make your mind as neutral as possible. Do not think about what is due tomorrow or the pile of projects, let yourself go for at least five minutes to help you feel more centered.  

Take a bath (or shower)

 A warm bath with some bath bombs is a great way to relax and allow you to think.  Some of your best ideas may come from it! You'll be squeaky clean in mind and body and hopefully be able to tackle everything else.

Change of scenery

Head to Bryant Park or your local park and do your homework there.  You will both be able to take in the happenings around you and also be able to work better with nothing else to distract you but nature and what is in front of you.

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