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MPS Faculty Spotlight: Professor Patrick Tormey

posted by Casey Miller

Patrick Tormey MBA.jpgMPS Fashion Marketing

Q. Tell me a little bit about your experience and interest in the fashion industry? 

A. Well, I started as a dress buyer trainee for Sears back in 1971. Later on I was promoted to dress buyer and in 1980, I left Sears to join Belk Stores. In 1985, I was elevated to Divisional Merchandise Manager at Belk Stores and I continued my fashion career there until 1997. I then founded my fashion-oriented wholesale corporation, named Real Deals USA, Inc., and decided to enter the field of part-time teaching as well.

Q. Why did you decide to start teaching? Why LIM? 

A. After an extremely successful career in retailing, spanning nearly 26 years, I decided that I wanted to share some of my expertise in the fashion/retail field, so I entered the field of part-time teaching. I was immediately impressed with the fashion/business orientation of LIM College when I first joined the staff of our fine college. So in 2001 I started teaching here, in the undergraduate division. I was always inspired by the "passion" for our students to succeed in this "tough" business, and also by all of the vast array of resources made available for them to do so, at LIM College. 

Q. How does your program at LIM stand out from other college/universities? 

A. I am privileged indeed to teach at Fordham University, Baruch College, Iona College, and Manahttan College, and I must honestly state that the resources that exist here, at LIM, are unparalleled. Our school diligently tries in any way possible to not only ensure success in learning, but also paves a pathway for each student to gain meaningful employment within the fashion industry. I do not see this enthusiasm and or fervor elsewhere, to focus on a student's everyday learning while also exhibiting great concern for a student's "post-graduate" success.    

Q. What is your favorite class to teach and why? 

A. Quite frankly, I "love" marketing and all aspects of the marketing process, so I guess that this is my favorite subject. In fact, I endeavor to teach my students just how fashion marketers must "compete in the global marketplace" and always try new and inventive ways to enhance their products and services, all the while carefully studying and always focusing and placing great emphasis on what is important to their customers.                             

Q. What advice do you have for students who want to pursue a career in publishing, merchandising, marketing, etc.? 

I always advise my students to consider themselves as a "Brand." And as such, continuously add value to "YOU" the "BRAND." You need to constantly "invest in yourself" and learn all that you can about your chosen discipline and or field, but at the same time be keenly aware of the constant "disruptive changes" all around you, and to "embrace this change" and use it as your ally as you learn just how to navigate the flows of change to your distinct advantages. If you constantly embrace change, and continuously add value to "YOU the BRAND" then in the long run you will always be on the top rung of the "escalator of success."                                                     

Q. Name a fun fact about yourself. 

A. Well, very few people can say that both of his children were valedictorians of their high schools and both are pursuing rewarding careers in both medicine and education, so I think that alone says that I did my part in "the pursuit of excellence." 

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