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Q&A with a part-time LIM grad student: Nichole Shuster

posted by Jacqueline Jenkins, Dean of Graduate Studies

nichole.jpgGoing to grad school isn't just about giving your resume a major boost. It's also about people. The people you'll meet. The people you'll become friends with. The people you'll learn from, and the people you'll teach, too. At LIM, we're all about fostering connections. 

Which is why we were excited to connect with Nichole Shuster, a part-time grad student at LIM. She told us all about her experience juggling work and school. Check it out: 

Nichole Shuster
Class Year: Grad Student 2018
Hometown: Southington, CT
Major: MPS Fashion Marketing
Current job: Event Coordinator in CT
Extracurricular activities: HerCampus Writer, Owner @NicholeMarieDesigns, and Designer for LIM College Fashion Show (Colors of the World)

Something that surprised you about going to school part-time? Something that surprised me was how easy it is to continue to be friends with students I started off with. For example, one of my best friends in the program started off part-time with me and even though she is now going full-time and we won’t have any classes together, it is still easy for us to get together and continue our friendship.

Why did you choose LIM to complete your graduate degree? I did extensive research when choosing a school. My main concern was staying in NYC since at the time I was living in Hoboken, New Jersey. My main thought process was that if I moved, I would still be able to access my schooling in NYC. I did end up moving before the start of this current semester, and now have transitioned into an online part-time student. What attracted me most to the school was that LIM focused a lot on the business side of the industry. My undergrad is Fashion Design and Merchandising, where I concentrated in design, therefore LIM allows me a different take to round out my overall learning. I was also attracted to the fact that the school did not require GRE testing, and was impressed with all aspects that LIM had to offer when I attended their open house back in May of 2016.

What has been your favorite moment of attending LIM? My favorite moment so far has been my connection with Dean Jenkins. I appreciate how involved she is when getting to know her students, which made me feel comfortable going to her with any questions I may have. Although my undergrad school was extremely large, my program wasn’t, and all the teachers knew every student. So going back into that situation was nice and made me feel right at home. Another one of my favorite moments was participating as a designer for the LIM College Colors of the World Fashion Show. [It was] put together extremely well and made me proud to say that I go to LIM. It was also a great networking experience for me and allowed me to meet people within the industry.

What do you hope to do post-grad? My short-term goal is to start off as a studio coordinator, or social media coordinator. I love the social media aspect of the industry. I do have a long term goal which is to own my own brand. I have started to grow it through Instagram and it’s called NicholeMarieDesigns. I hope to expand the brand into clothing, but am focused on growing a following through illustrating before taking the apparel leap.

Do you have any advice for prospective students? My main advice for prospective students is to do your research before choosing any school. A second piece of advice is to get involved at the school and make sure people know your name/face. By getting involved at the school you are setting yourself up for success once you graduate. These teachers and your fellow students are all connected to others in the industry and could potentially help you land that perfect job/internship. LIM isn’t just about schooling, but also about making connections with your peers who can eventually be your coworkers. Having worked in the industry before attending grad school, you’d be surprised how small the fashion world really is. Therefore, you want to make sure you are memorable.

We love hearing about our students making meaningful connections through our programs. Want to make connections of your own? Get in touch. 


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