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Exploring Paris

posted by Erin Jacobsen

Exploring Paris Erin Jacobsen 4.jpgBesides the tourist attractions everyone knows; the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs-Elysees; there is much more of the city to explore. In my exploration of the city, I’ve traveled within Paris’s 20 arrondissements (otherwise known as districts) and I have compiled a list of my favorite neighborhoods, places, restaurants and stores.


1. South Pigalle (SoPi): This is a super trendy area located in the 9th Arr. It’s always filled with people on the streets. There’s nightlife, some outdoor markets, and cute cafes to visit during the day.

2. Oberkampf: This neighborhood, located in the 3rd Arr., has a few great venues for concerts. There are a lot of restaurants and bars to check out, perfect for the inner foodie.

3. Canal Saint Martin: This area, located on the Saint Martin Canal, is one of the coolest areas to walk around or sit down for a meal. Rue Beaurepaire and Rue de Marseille are located close by, which makes this area great for shopping and dining area

4. Le Haut Marais: This is a super popular area located in the 3rd Arr. It is one of the oldest areas of Paris and is filled with vintage-stone mansions, the Picasso Museum, and indoor food market Marché des Enfants-Rouges, which has options from crepes to curry.


1. Castle of Versailles: The castle is about a 45-minute train ride outside of Paris. I would recommend to make a day trip out of it. The Gardens of Versailles and the Hall of Mirrors are a must see. There are several galleries, gardens and tours of the Versailles. European students enter for free! 

Exploring Paris Erin Jacobsen 2.jpg

2. Jardin des Plantes: This park is close to The Seine and is a great place to rest and relax after walking around Paris. It’s filled with different types of flowers, forest trees, and there is also an indoor greenhouse.

3. Seine River: The river that divides Paris is a great place to walk or run along. There are many restaurants located directly on the path, many of them have lounge chairs for sunbathing and small boats that you can dine on.

4. Les Catacombes: This is Paris’ spookiest attraction, but the underground Catacombs are unique and make for a really fun activity. The Catacombs are basically an underground cemetery-like maze that has been in use for almost 10 centuries! So you can imagine the amount of people who are buried here.

5. Jardin du Luxembourg: The Luxembourg Garden is a beautiful place to exercise or relax! It has several tennis courts and you can find many runners during the early mornings. There are also cafes where you can enjoy coffee, wine and food.

Food & Shopping

Erin Jacobsen_Parisian Food-1.jpg1. Angelina Cafe: A cute, small vintage cafe known for their hot chocolate and pastries. I recommend the hot chocolate, which is served in a personal-sized pitcher, and the Mont Blanc pastry. Note: Hot chocolate and pastries can be taken to go but this place almost always has a line, on weekends expect to wait at least an hour for a seat.

2. Chez Janou: This restaurant serves traditional French food: steak, french onion soup and oysters, but they are most known for their enormous bowl of delicious, chocolate mousse!

3. Au P’tit Grec: A great place to get a savory or sweet crepe! There is not enough room to sit, but these crepes are served in a cone, perfect for eating on the go.

4. Le Souffle: All appetizers, entrees and desserts are served as a souffle.

5. Kilo Shop vintage: there are a lot of great vintage shops in Paris, but I’ve personally had the most success at this store. It is a small chain through several European countries.

6. L'Eclair de Genie: By far the best eclair in Paris. They have many unique flavors as well as eclair ice cream and sandwiches!

7. L'as du Falafel: Falafel is a common street food in Paris, but L’as du Fallafel is by far the winner. The portions are huge and are typically served with fries and lots of hummus and sauce.

8. Du Pain Et Des Idees: You can't go wrong with any pastry from here, but their L’escargot chocolat pistache is their most famous.Exploring Paris Erin Jacobsen 3.jpg

9. Le Relais de l’Entrecote: Their secret greenhouse, warm steak, and fries is the best and only thing on the menu. Your steak is served in two portions; while eating the first portion, the second is kept warm. Along with the steak you are served an unlimited amount of fries and sauce.

10. Le Refuge des Fondues: This place is famous for their cheesy fondue and wine served in baby bottles. The gooey cheese is served in a pot, kept warm by candles below, and is served with various meats, veggies, and more cheese to be dipped in the already melted fondue. You can also follow your cheese fondue with chocolate fondue for dessert.

11. Colette: This is basically a French Dover Street Market, unfortunately this store is closing in December 2017. Colette is a trendy store that carries various designer products, limited edition products, and accompanied by loud music.

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