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Cross Cultural Analysis 2017: Goodbye America. Ciao Italia!

posted by Diamanté Logan


Months...days...hours...seconds....and here we are preparing for liftoff!

I am excited to say that I was one out of the 27 students, faculty, and alumni of LIM College to be selected to be a part of such an amazing class and trip to Italy. It all started with an application, which then turned into being accepted into this program.

The Cross Cultural Analysis Class took place during the Fall semester online; allowing me to learn about the destination that the class was currently visiting. 

Florence and Rome, Italy

We learned about the food, culture, and customs of both regions. From learning more about the Vatican City to furthering my studies about the religious practices and delicacies within the country has allowed me to be
more prepared for an adventure that I am sure that I will never forget.

President Marcuse, Diamanté Logan, Nicole Pantoliano, Rose Fionda

We arrived to John F. Kennedy Airport and while waiting, my nerves were kicking in. Being that I have never been out the country before, my mom hugged me every second, not wanting me leave. I looked around and realized, everyone felt the same way. But this was the time for us young ladies to experience what we have been studying for the past semester with no boundaries.

After a quick goodbye and smooth transition past the security checkpoint, we waited about an hour to head on to the aircraft - AItalia. I received the politest greetings from the most fashionable flight attendants that I have ever met.


Preparing for my seven-hour flight I was provided with all of the necessities...pillow, headphones (for movies), blanket, and snacks. Let me not forget to mention that there was even catered pasta and desert and it was delicious!

I was relaxed, watching an enjoyable movie with my first glass of wine, traveling overseas. Before I had even landed, I knew that this was going to be the best experience in my life thus far!

Now, let's  see what these next 10 days have to offer!

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