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LIM College vs. Paris School of Business

posted by Erin Jacobsen

Erin Jacobsen_Eiffel Tower-479109-edited.jpgThis semester I am attending the Paris School of Business (PSB) as an exchange student. LIM College is similar to PSB because they are located in a city environment. They’re both located in big, exciting, fashion-centric cities, but while there are similarities between both schools, they’re also very different. PSB has many more students than LIM, but there’s only one residence hall. Most, if not all students live in Paris. While on lunch or in between classes, students hang out on campus. They’re usually spending time in the school’s cafe, nearby bakeries, or smoking (which is very popular in France) in the school’s designated areas. As an exchange student the amount of students per class tends to be larger, about 30-40 people. Almost all the exchange students have the same schedule and attend the same classes. Another difference between LIM and PSB is the classes are predominantly male and there are people from all around the world in your class. In fact, I am one of only four Americans in the exchange program.

Participating in an international class environment will give you a different perspective on otherErin Jacobsen_Parisian Food.jpg country’s points of view and opinions on many different subjects. All of the courses are taught in English, but that may not be everyone's first language. This can make understanding the professor and other students difficult at times. At PSB the classes are three hours long once a week and the classes are mainly lectures. Students are expected to review PowerPoints and take notes before class. Most classes at PSB only give two grades per semester. Your grade will normally consist of a midterm and final grade, these can be given in the form of tests, papers, and/or group projects. Classes can also take place on any day of the week except Sunday. Yes, that unfortunately means class on a Saturday.

Taking classes with international and local students will help you make friends from all over the world and also help you better understand other cultures. Most of the classes I am taking at PSB are international business or communication classes. We learn a lot about the customs, traditions and stereotypes of different countries. These classes are different because they are not based on the fashion industry the way LIM classes are. However, I think that learning about business in a different country and with students from all over the world is a great way to learn about international business.

Erin Jacobsen_Notre Dame.jpgAttending PSB has opened me to new ideas and has taught me how to work with groups of people from different cultures and countries. Like LIM, PSB offers many clubs that we are able to join. Through these clubs I have been able to make friends from all over Europe and experience traditional French culture and travel to different areas of France.

The fashion industry is truly a global business. Even for a New York headquartered company, products are produced, marketed and sold around the world. I believe learning how to interact with people from all over the world will give me an advantage in the job market as I make the transition from student to professional in the fashion industry.

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