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LIM Study Abroad in Florence

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study_abroad_florence_1At a recent student-led Marcuse Lecture Series event, LIM students discussed their participation in this summer’s “Rebirth and Revolution: The Arts in Florence” study abroad program.

Renaissance art and fashion was the focus for nine LIM students who immersed themselves in the daily life of Florence for three weeks. Informed with a knowledge of Renaissance art history as part of a required course in the program taught by Visual Studies Department Chair Laurel Lueders, the students gained a deeper appreciation for the art they were studying by creating fresco paintings of their own in a class held at the Palazzo Vecchio Town Hall.

study_abroad_florence_2This project was at first intimidating for senior Jenna Nicolosi, but as she tried her hand at making frescoes, she began understanding the process and the techniques. “If I can conquer my fear of traveling and doing new things, then I know I have more courage to keep on with my career goals,” Nicolosi said during the Marcuse Lecture Series presentation. 

After learning to make fresco paintings, the students then viewed frescoes at the Palazzo Vecchio, where they also saw costumes from the Renaissance and Mannerist periods. The fresco instructor even led students into a secret costume area so they could try on replica clothes.

“This type of experience is possible because LIM College continues to return to Italy every year and build relationships,” said Professor Lueders, who leads the popular program.

Click here for information about LIM College’s summer study abroad program in Florence.


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