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Summer in Florence: Lessons in Art and Architecture

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Last week, LIM’s students studying abroad with Rebirth and Revolution: The Arts in Florence stopped at one of the most visited art museums in Italy: The Uffizi Gallery.











The group followed this with a trip to Florence Cathedral, also known as Il Duomo di Firenze. They received an art history lesson relating to frescoes inside, which included works by Paollo Uccello and a ceiling fresco by Vasari.











After learning about the daring and innovative construction of the Cathedral's dome, by famed 15th century architect Filippo Brunelleschi, students climbed to the top of the dome and cupola, where breathtaking views of the city awaited. They were also treated to an incredible close-up view of the dome from the rooftops of Florence.


Later, students took in the amazing ceiling mosaic at the Florence Baptistery and went to the Opera del Duomo Museum to study late-medieval / late-renaissance sculpture.


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