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The “Art” of Visual Identity: 5 Exciting Career Fields in Visual Studies

posted by Laurel Lueders, Chair, LIM College Visual Studies Department

1858-1054Visual Studies majors at LIM College develop hands-on creative and technological skills, while also taking a core curriculum of business courses. Whether in a traditional studio setting, computer lab, photo studio, or an actual onsite installation, students fine-tune their ability to create a strong visual identity, which can open career paths across a range of creative industries.

Here are five exciting fields that a Visual Studies degree can help you break into:

1. Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandisers design and create environments—both physical and digital—that maximize customer engagement. By taking courses such as Visual Communication and Visual Presentation & Identity, aspiring visual merchandisers can find jobs as Window / Store Display Artists, Exhibition Designers/Installers, Visual Planning Directors, and more.

2. Social Media Visuals
You'd be hard-pressed to find many people who don't engage with social media daily, and compelling visual imagery drives much of that activity. A Visual Studies degree can lead you to become a Social Media Coordinator or a Visual Marketer who focuses on generating images within those busy digital environments. Courses at LIM that apply to this field include Digital Photography & Imaging and Social Media and Mobile Marketing.

3. Photo Styling & Set Design
From tabletop styling to media production sets, Visual Studies can teach you how to design and execute sets for photo shoots, runway shows, or other events. Some helpful LIM courses in this area include Exhibition & Set Design and Fashion Styling Essentials.

4. Digital Design & Photography
Interested in becoming a Digital Designer, Photo Production Assistant, or eventually the Creative Director for a top brand? Courses such as Digital Design, Digital Photography & Imaging, and 3D Digital Design—all offered within LIM’s Visual Studies Department—can help you get there!

5. Interior and Home Concepts
A fan of HGTV? (Who isn't?) Learning about Visual Studies can be a great way to start a career in interior concepts, home staging, or even floral or food design. LIM College offers courses in 3D Digital Design and Home Fashions that can get you started on this popular pathway.

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