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Club Highlight: Global Students Club

posted by Tessa Aldridge

LIM is filled with students of all different backgrounds. There’s a wonderful mix of race, gender, and more all around us. If you’re looking for a chance to dive more into diversity, Global Students Club is for you. I interviewed Falaq Ishaq and Linda Poothokaran, two of the leaders of the Global Students Club. Here is some great info they wanted to share.

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Tessa: What club are you part of & your status within it?

Linda: Falaq and I are both the co-leaders of the Global Students Club.


Tessa: What year are you in and your major?

 Falaq: Sophomore in International Business 

 Linda: Senior in Fashion Merchandising


Tessa: What is your club about?

 Falaq & Linda: Promoting diversity and culture on campus. We try to learn about other countries and their traditions. We also want to build a strong connection between domestic students and international students.


Tessa: What do you believe is special about your club?

 Falaq & Linda: We believe the bond between our club members is strong and each of us is keen to learn more about each other's background and culture. It’s an exciting group and being a part of it is truly enriching.


Tessa: What are some events you do for the club?

 Falaq & Linda: In the past, we have hosted two international education week events displaying foods and languages from different cultures. We had numerous dance performances during Diwali and Intl Education Week. With Kahoot games, and minute to speak its games, we try to make out events as engaging as possible. We also had an international movie night in Maxwell Hall. Our biggest event was hosting the End of the Year event collaborating with the rest of the clubs on campus.


Tessa: How many meetings are there for the club per month and when are they?

 Falaq & Linda: 4 per month, Tuesdays at 2-2:30pm.


Tessa: How has your club changed amongst the pandemic?

 Falaq & Linda: We are holding zoom meetings and plan on hosting events like these virtually.


Tessa: Anything else people should know about the club?

 Falaq & Linda: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT TO BE A PART OF THIS CLUB! Students of all backgrounds and locations are welcome to join!


Tessa croppedAbout the Author

Tessa Aldridge is a sophomore at LIM and part of the Fashion Scholars program. In addition to working on The Lexington Line, she is a Coleader of the LIM Blog Club and studying Fashion Media. She is also a student worker at the Marketing & Communications Department with the College.

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