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Club Highlight: Residence Hall Council

posted by Tessa Aldridge

Lim-College-FacadeOne insight I was dying to gain about LIM, prior to my acceptance, was what clubs and organizations would be offered. I was able to find information on some of them, but I was sure there had to be more information to be found.

Now that I’m a current student, I thought it’d be helpful to write personal highlights on our clubs, starting with RHC. This stands for Residence Hall Council. As many freshmen live in the 1760 residence hall, it can be exciting to participate in planning many of the events that are held there.

I spoke with Anthony Stroube, a junior at LIM studying Fashion Merchandising. He’s the Vice President for the RHC, and I knew he would offer a great look into what this organization is all about. I asked him a few questions about the club, and his answers were just fantastic.

Tessa: What is your club about?
Anthony: RHC allows a committee to come together once a week to plan activities to hold in the residents hall, which allow individuals to come together and meet new people that live in the same building!


T: What do you believe is special about your club?
A: One thing I find special about this club is that it is welcoming to everyone, and allows one to feel a part of a family, not “just another number.”


T: What are some events you do for the club?
A: RHC has held a movie night for Halloween. We also held a photo shoot the day before Career Day, where individuals could have a professional photo taken for their LinkedIn profile, etc. We have tons of Holiday ideas ready for you all, so stay tuned!

T: How many club meetings are there per month and when are they?
A: There are four meetings per month, typically held on Wednesdays from 8 - 9 p.m. in the first floor lounge.

T: Anything else people should know about the club?
A: I believe everyone should be a part of the club! A lot of individuals complain that they don’t have fun at the dorm; becoming a member of RHC is a way to change that!

It was so great speaking with Anthony and learning more about RHC. Stay tuned for more LIM club highlights!

Halloween photo courtesy of Gabriella Sutherland

Tessa croppedAbout the Author
Tessa Aldridge is a Freshman at LIM and part of the College's Fashion Scholars program. She is a Coleader of the LIM Blog Club and studying Fashion Media.




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