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Designing a New Wardrobe

posted by Jacqueline Senecal

With school winding down and the opportunity for more time on my hands, what is a better way to spend a day than revamping my wardrobe? While it may be a daunting task, it is so necessary to be able to see everything, try it on, and know what I want to keep and what I don’t, so in the future—when we’re allowed to leave the house—I have all-new outfits for it!


What to Keep? Try. Everything. On.

One of the best ways to start this project is committing to trying on every piece of clothing in your wardrobe and see exactly how it fits and looks on you. Have a top that you love but doesn’t fit correctly? Odds are when you put it on, you won’t want to wear it, so it’s time to give it a new home. Realized that something in the very back of the closet is actually really cute? Bring it up to the front! It’s time for that clothing to shine. The opportunity to try everything on really shows what looks great and what doesn’t, so you can always feel good in your clothes. I know from personal experience there’s been some clothing that, while I love, just doesn’t fit the same, so I’ve needed to let it go.

Sort Your Stuff

I sort into three piles: keep, donate, recycle. Maybe you have six tops you love, two that are in good condition but you won’t wear anymore, and then some that are full of holes and falling apart. The good condition clothes can go to the shelter, the donation near you, or through sites like Poshmark and ThredUp that can make you a couple bucks. Clothes with holes and tatters can be used as reusable makeup wipes and cleaning cloths. A new idea for an old piece! Nothing has to go to a landfill, and everything can have a new use.

Get A Second Opinion, And Some Time With Friends!

If you’re missing your friends and also want the opportunity to sort your wardrobe, you can make it a Zoom get-together! Everyone can go through their clothes and see what they want and what they don’t. Also, they can see what they can take from your wardrobe, and maybe you can steal some pieces from theirs. You’re able to get new pieces and can make a date to meet up when distancing is over, so there’s even something to look forward to in the future! This is also a way to get a second opinion on new clothes. Don’t know if something is your color? Ask a friend!

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