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Students Throw LIM's End of the Year Bash

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On Thursday, April 25, LIM College hosted a big End of the Year Bash, giving LIM students a chance to celebrate completing the academic year.

Taking place in Maxwell Hall, on LIM's campus, the activity-packed event was put on by the Office of Student Life and by the College's various student clubs and organizations. Most of these clubs set up booths and tables during the bash, allowing attendees to learn more about LIM's opportunities for student involvement.







AMP_5809(l: Global Students Club Co-President, Linda Martin Poothokaran - r: SYE Student Coordinator, Dayna Nichols)

The evening also featured live music from one of LIM’s students, DJ Celine, “club inspired” mocktails served by a professional bartender, and complimentary food.

AMP_5758AMP_5842Among the activities on offer were a Mehendi/Henna hand-artist, at the Global Students Club booth, and a scavenger hunt, where students solved a puzzle by the end of the night.



The student clubs that participated in putting on this celebration included LIM's Book Club, B.R.A.G., Global Students Club, It's On Us, Lexington Line, LGBTQ+ Alliance, Philanthropy Club, Sophomore Year Experience/Transfer Student Organization, Student Life Activities Board, and Styling Club.


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