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Fall Activities in NYC

posted by Kianna Plummer

New York City offers so many fun, exciting activities to do during the fall months. Even with the current pandemic, there are still ways to get into the fall spooky spirit without being around tons of people. Don't forget to wear your mask and have fun!!

Pier 17- Pumpkin Arch

Enjoy this free location to take a nice walk or snap a picture for Instagram. This pier is the perfect location to visit for the fall especially since it is outside and easy to socially distance.


Picnic and Museum

Head over to Central Park and enjoy looking at the pretty trees changing their colors. This weather is perfect for a small afternoon picnic. End your afternoon by stopping into the MET. The MET just reopened and requires visitors to reserve a ticket before entry.

Outdoor Movie Drive-In Theatres

Click here to view a bunch of different movie drive ins located in NYC.

Most of these locations have chairs for people who want to watch a movie outdoors but do not have cars. Skyline Drive-In offers a bunch of locations and movie options!

Take the LIRR to Long Island to go to a pumpkin patch

There are a bunch of pumpkin patches and farms to visit on Long Island. They are only a train ride away. If you know a friend who lives on Long Island, ask them to show you around! If not, you can take an Uber with friends from the train station to a nearby pumpkin patch or farm. You can typically go pumpkin picking, go through a corn maze, and take a hayride!

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