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Global Students Club Celebrates International Education Week

posted by Linda Poothokaran

The Global Students Club at LIM College hosted an event for International Education Week. Celebrating the exchange of cultures, languages, and global ideas, participating students were exposed to the vast diversity present on LIM’s campus.

Linda P IEW 1
Linda P IEW 2Our event took place at Maxwell Hall Student Center, during the Wednesday lunch hour.

Food from different cuisines was served, and an international candy bar was arranged. A group of us (Aayush Jain, Falaq Ishaq, Ojal Mannepalli, and me) performed a dance with Korean, Indian, Arabic and Spanish music. Caroline Hager had a surprise K-Pop performance as well!

The highlight for me was the “Minute to Speak It”—a 90-second language-learning session. We organized five tables stationed with students who speak a foreign language, including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, and Russian. Attendees had 90 seconds to learn as many basic phrases from one language as they could before moving onto the next table.

Linda P crop 2About the Author
Linda Poothokaran is part of LIM College's class of 2021, and she is currently earning her bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising. She also serves as President of the Global Student’s Club.

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