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How to Stay Fit During a Pandemic

posted by Evelyn Mazza

Staying in shape is hard enough without a worldwide pandemic. Gyms and workout classes are limited. There are plenty of ways to stay fit at home. Here are some simple ways that will improve your physique dramatically. Get ready to build up a sweat!

Virtual Workout Classes

There are great workout classes out there that are virtual. That way you are staying safe and still building up a sweat! They also do not require any equipment, the only thing you need is a little space to work out. If you are saving money, there are free workout videos on YouTube. You can search for classes from yoga to a full body workout!


Lifting weights is one of the best ways to not only get toned but to lose body fat! You can use a simple 5-pound weight to a 15-pound weight. If you don’t have weights at your convenience, you can substitute with water bottles. Weights is a quick exercise and does not require much space!

Go for a Walk

It sounds too easy, but it’s true! Going for a walk, especially after a meal, is great for losing that extra pandemic weight. Walking increases blood circulation and improves digestion. Grab a buddy and start walking!

Staying fit is a challenge to all of us. There is no rush, and everyone has their own pace. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later that you took the steps to become a stronger you! Remember to stay safe and you can do this!

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About the Author

Evelyn Mazza is a freshman at LIM College. She is a part of The Lexington Line and the Blog Club. 


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