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International Student – Multicultural City

posted by Raksha Murkute

Raksha 1 croppedI’m Raksha Murkute, a 20-year-old fashion student, designer, freelancer, explorer, and merchandiser-in-the-making. I was born and raised in India. I am a Fashion Merchandising transfer at LIM College, having completed two years studying Fashion Design at Pearl Academy in Mumbai.

I moved here a few months ago with three large bags, two medium bags, a backpack, and all my thoughts, desires, aspirations and a little bit of anxiety. Everything happened so fast that I still cannot believe I’m here, walking amongst strangers who have the same dream and ambition as me.

I’m not a New Yorker by any means (yet), but I’ve been able to carve out a life for myself: an ideal school schedule, an on-campus job, an apartment, a solid crew of friends, and a wide network of connections. I’m the kind of person that likes trying everything. I love acting, writing, athletics, painting, traveling, and cooking. Photography is one of my hidden talents, too. What location could be better than the “Big Apple” for someone whose interests are “everything?”

Snapseed (1)-1There’s something for everyone in this city—you just need to keep an eye open. If you are an international student deciding to study in New York City, you will not be alone—because the city won’t let you be. New York City has a long history of attracting people from all over the world, so its colleges and universities serve a large population of international students. This means the city’s social life and environment is built on a variety of cultures, backgrounds, languages, and histories, all living together in one place. So, if you’re an international student anxious about moving to another country and a new city, you will fit in perfectly among thousands of others who can relate to your experience.

Sometimes I wonder about the ratio of native New Yorkers to transplants: every visitor is a stranger and every stranger is a potential friend. It seems every person I’ve met is from across the country or across the world. This city is the ultimate beacon for young people—I honestly think it is one of the best places to spend your twenties, professionally, socially, and culturally.

When friends express an interest in moving to New York City, here’s what I tell them: New York is your ultimate destination for everything upscale and unique. To maximize your chance of success here, there is ONE thing you will need to thrive: A commitment to making things work.

Raksha mobile 4 croppedAbout the Author
Raksha Murkute is a junior at LIM College, currently pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Fashion Merchandising. An international student from India, she is also a student worker in the Office of Marketing & Communications.

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