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Looking To Try Indian Food?

posted by Kianna Plummer

Picture1-13Are you tired of eating pizza, plain chicken or simple meals for dinner? Do you want to try a new dish, a new culture, and a new area in the city? If you answered yes, you should visit Royal Bangladesh in downtown near NoHo! From the dorms, one could easily take the 6 train to Astor Place and walk about five minutes. You can’t miss it; you will definitely see the lights from outside.

Not only is this place an amazing spot for a new Instagram post, but the food is also amazing.

I had never tried Indian food before, so at first I was a little nervous. (All I know is that I love naan.) When I first walked into Royal Bangladesh, I was overwhelmed with all the beautiful lights.


I ordered butter chicken with cheese naan. The white rice was included with the chicken. I enjoy trying new foods and Indian food is definitely my favorite so far! My dish was not spicy at all but had so much flavor, I didn’t want to stop eating! The menu consists of many appetizers like assorted poori, naan, coconut soup, mushroom soup, and fritters. The menu also consists of many chicken dishes, curry, vegetables, and seafood! Click here to view the menu!

Poori is a deep-fried bread made from whole-wheat flour, one can order poori with cheese or coconut inside of it. Naan is an oven-baked flatbread seen behind the rice in the below picture. Best of all, the prices for the food are very affordable and I recommend splitting dishes with a friend to try.picture3-2

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Kianna Plummer is a freshman pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration at LIM College. In addition to being a member of the LIM Blog Club, she is also part of the College’s Fashion Scholars program and is a member of the Student Life Activities Board (SLAB).


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