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My Visit to Atelier Beauté Chanel

posted by Carol Rodriguez

Atelier 1Imagine you had access to a vanity with infinite products and mirrors.

On Wednesday, November 6, members of the LIM College Cosmetics Club attended the Atelier Beauté Chanel beauty workshop in SoHo, which was a one of a kind experience. The event consisted of a panel of the very women who had designed this place, along with the freedom to test any makeup product there.

This is every makeup lover’s dream. The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with warm smiles and a glass of sparkling lemon water. I think it’s fair to say the aesthetic of this event was one of the best I’ve seen. (And I live in New York City.) The space’s entrance consisted of bright stage lights and pink halls, along with an elegant seating area.

Most importantly, the brightly lit vanity room was full of mirror walls. I’d say there were about 30 average-sized vanities. In every counter, a different product was displayed. From skincare to fragrance, they had it all. They also cater to men as much as they do women, providing a wide variety of products.

Atelier 3
Atelier 2 newThis SoHo location, in my opinion, is no average Chanel cosmetics store.

As we learned during the panel, the point of this space is to shop your favorite products without feeling pressure or judgment from anyone. Sometimes, when shopping at a retail store, you can feel pressure to purchase a certain product from the sales associate—this place, however, is judgment-free and pressure-free. It allows guests to peacefully try new products, be creative, and as I like to say, “play” with makeup.

I had a brilliant time testing makeup and learning about all the Chanel products. The personnel was extremely attentive and informative regarding every product. Entry is also free. I encourage you to visit!

carol r (crop)About the Author
Carol Rodriguez is a Freshman at LIM College. In addition to serving as a Coleader of the LIM Blog Club and being a member of the College's Cosmetics Club, she is also part of the College's Fashion Scholars program.

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