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New Student Housing: The New Yorker

posted by Carol Rodriguez

Located in one of New York City's finest hotels, at the corner of 34th street and Eighth Avenue, the new housing location for LIM students just got better. It’s only a block away from Herald Square and a few steps away from Penn Station. LIM College has decided to change housing locations to Midtown West. As a student going into my sophomore year, I am thrilled.

This building, called The New Yorker, has a lot to offer, including a newly renovated student lounge featuring a kitchen, study rooms, and game rooms. Students will also have the option of choosing from a single, double, or triple room. Every room has its own bathroom, so there are no communal showers. The kitchen offers a great number of stove tops, microwaves, toasters, and ovens.

I myself have visited this housing location, and I would like students to know that I think this is a step up. The location simply couldn’t be better. Most internships and retail jobs are located in downtown and midtown, and now our residence hall is only a few subway stops away, if not within walking distance.

The student residence is now also closer to school! To Maxwell Hall is only 22 minutes, to Fifth Ave is 19 minutes and to Townhouse is just 15 minutes. To go to any of the three locations, all you have to do is hop on the E train which is right outside the New Yorker building.

Another huge advantage that this building has is that it is so close to Penn Stationall you have to do is cross the street. This is great for students who want to go home on the weekends. There are trains that go to the airport, Long Island, and New Jersey. I believe that this is going to benefit LIM College students, and I am very excited to see how well this upgrade turns out!

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