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Our Go-to Accessories

posted by Megan Uncapher, Kally Compton, Tessa Aldridge & Monica Bressi

Layered Necklaces- Megan Uncapher

My favorite go-to accessory is layered necklaces. I find that a couple of good gold chains can really elevate a look. The two I am wearing in this photo are two of my favorites. The cross, Italian horn, and rock on necklace is an Italian tradition, but you can find similar ones on Etsy.


 Silk Scarves-Kally Compton

One of my favorite go-to accessories is a silk scarf. I love this piece of apparel because of its versatility and accessibility. I thrift a lot because it is a fun, cheap, and sustainable way to find trendy clothing, and often times I find silk scarves. Once you have a good collection of different sizes and colors, there are no limitations to what you can do.


Usually in spring and summer, I will wear it as a top, a headband, or a bandana; one time I even tied two together to make a cute beach bag! For fall and winter, I wear it as a scarf or tie it over my head like a babushka (which was a popular trend last fall), but it helped keep my ears warm in a stylish way. Especially now in a pandemic, it is handy to have a silk scarf or bandana on hand if you forget a mask; I have had to use one of my scarves to make sure my face was covered to keep me and others safe. I highly recommend shopping for one on Depop; you can never go wrong with a good silk scarf! 

Doc Martens-Tessa Aldridge

My go-to shoes are always my Doc Martens. They are staples for your closet and match with many outfits. Once you break them in, they're extremely comfortable for walking around the city! You can find them on Dr. Martens's site or used ones on Depop


Crossbody Phone Cases- Monica Bressi

While navigating NYC, it is always important to make sure you are being safe. I would always carry a backpack and knew that just having my wallet in there wouldn’t be ideal for easy access, especially since we have to scan our school ID to access any of the buildings. Purchasing a Bandolier case was truly one of the best investments to stay organized. I would never worry about dropping my phone or losing it. It will also benefit anyone who loves traveling, although it’s on pause. In Paris, I was able to walk around the city with no bag and never worry about missing a photo, since my phone was always on my neck. For someone who doesn’t carry a lot in their bag, and loses their wallets often, this is the perfect purchase. Bandolier offers cases for different Apple models, as well as some Android cases.




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