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Three Visits to Creamline in NYC

posted by Knar Alashaian

chicken sandwich

Let me start by saying … I love buffalo sauce.

I originally started enjoying it on chicken wings, then adapted to putting it on my quesadillas. My love for buffalo sauce has grown to the point where I now put it on my rice and on my pasta and dip carrots and peppers in it. There’s something about the feeling of my lips going numb with flavor that keeps me wanting more.

This being said, I surprised myself when I chose to get the honey butter chicken sandwich at Creamline, when I had the option of the buffalo chicken sandwich.

Thank goodness I chose the honey butter sandwich. With no exaggeration, it’s unlike anything I have had before. The chicken is perfectly crispy, which makes for a good balance with the soft bun. The sauce is also thin and not overwhelming in flavor. Each bite has just the right amount of salty and sweet.

The second time I went, they were “sold out” of it... I don't know how you can run out of a sandwich, so I had them put chicken fingers on the bun and got the sauce on the side. This is a good tip in case this ever happens to you!

The third time I went, when I took my sister to try it, we decided to get fries and chocolate shakes, too. I’ve had better chocolate shakes, but the fries were really good.

That makes three visits … where I’ve still yet to try the buffalo chicken sandwich!

If you’re ever looking for a break from cooking at the residence hall, be sure to keep the honey butter chicken sandwich as an option. Creamline has two locations on Manhattan’s west side—one is on 7th Avenue at 21st, and one is in Chelsea Market over on 9th Avenue. (And they both have the sandwich.)

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