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Posted by Caitlyn Longo on Apr 19, 2017 8:00:00 PM

Summer is right around the corner...are you ready to take on the sun? Sunglasses are a perfect way to step up your summer wardrobe. This summer, the 90’s are making a victorious comeback. The 90’s were the decade where grunge was born, hip-hop thrived and pop icons dictated what was being worn in fashion. From Kurt Cobain to Beyoncé (before Queen Bee was born), the 90’s are back this summer whether you like it or not!

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Grunge king, Kurt Cobain’s famous shades are back in action this summer. The iconic oval frames are available at Free People for $20 labeled as the “Nirvana Oval Sunnies.” Urban Outfitters also has a pair of the 90’s oval sunglasses from RAEN Figurative Sunglasses for a price tag of $150. Kurt Cobain’s oval sunglasses are one of the 50 most iconic sunglasses according to New York Magazine in 2014, and now they’re back and ready to kick some ass.

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Hip Hop and R&B was dominating the 90’s, and artists like Beyoncé in yellow translucent frames to Aaliyah’s ombrè sunglasses are all coming back in full force. Free People is taking on the 90’s sunglass trend head on this summer. The retailer has the “Who’s That Girl Sunnies” for $20 and the “Riptide Hex Sunnies” for $20. While the silhouettes of the sunglasses change from time to time, the colors these artists wore back in the 90’s are back. I took inspiration from Aaliyah’s 90’s style and purchased a pair of ombrè sunglasses from Free People for this summer! I’m excited to wear the glasses trend in homage to her one of a kind style.

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One of my all-time favorite 90’s sunglass trend was taken straight from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Their movies played a huge role in my 90’s childhood and I know they did for some of you too! They wore the skinny colorful lenses on the red carpet for their movie premiers, and in many of their movies. Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid both have been seen rocking red oval frames this year. Those skinny oval lenses are here to stay for summer 2017 and I couldn’t be happier. You can pick up a pair from Topshop for $26 or Ray Ban for $150+ and take a walk down memory lane. I already bought 2 pairs of the 90’s inspired shades and I am enthused for this 90’s revival sunglass trend!

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