What is The Lexington Line?

The Lexington Line is LIM College's student magazine, and it covers fashionbeautyculture, and life at LIM. All work is written and edited by students. In addition to the online magazine, a print edition is published each semester.  The Lexington Avenue subway line—the 4, 5, 6—runs down the east side of Manhattan, and it is the line that many students take to get from our dorm at 3rd Avenue and 97th Street to our academic buildings in midtown. The magazine, like the college, is situated in the nerve center of the fashion capital of the world, and it will serve as your line for all things fashion and all things LIM.

More generally, the goal of The Lexington Line is to give students a chance to publish their original writing and photography while engaging with New York City and the fashion industry at large. Students are presented with opportunities to meet and interview industry professionals, review products, get experience with social media marketing, and develop writing and reporting skills.

How do I submit?

If you are a student at LIM College, you can submit original writing or photography by filling out our Digital Content Google Form. You can email if you have any questions.

Meet Our Staff!

Editor In Chief - Clarissa Hernandez


Clarissa Hernandez is a fourth year Fashion Scholar studying Marketing with a concentration in Fashion Communications. Currently, she is the Communications Intern at Squarespace and a Writing Center Tutor. When she's not drowning in homework or creating a fancy spreadsheet, you can catch her scrolling through Instagram, listening to the Jonas Brothers, or taking a catnap. After she graduates, she plans on starting her own marketing company. Let’s be friends!


Managing Editor - Keely Schooley-McCormick


Keely is currently a fashion merchandising student with a concentration in cosmetics. Along with being apart of The Lexington Line, she also works at the admissions office at LIM as a telecounselor. After graduating from LIM, she hopes to either be an editor at a fashion magazine or work for a cosmetics company. Her all time favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Keely hopes in the near future that she will own a wiener dog named Kipsy and a corgi (who is currently unnamed).

Business Manager - Pearl Dorman


Pearl is a junior in the fashion scholar program and is majoring in Management. She comes from the Great Lakes State, Michigan. Go Blue! When she's not in class, Pearl loves sleeping, watching Netflix, and taking short walks through Central Park. Her interests include pop culture, reading fiction, and is a pasta connoisseur. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor; she is actually extremely sassy.

Creative Director - Pheanny Phen


Pheanny Phen is the Creative Director at the Lexington Line. A third-year Fashion Merchandising student, Pheanny enjoys long walks on the beach with her friends and family. When she’s not buried in school and design work, she enjoys exploring the greater unknown that is New York City.

Art Director - Soukayna Dieng


Soukayna Dieng is a third year Visual Merchandising, B.B.A. concentrating in Styling. When she’s not at LIM you can find her working at Saks Downtown, directing short films and photo shoots, and scouting for new vegan restaurants. She loves exploring the city and meeting other young artists. She has two parakeets named Bubu and Cloud.

Styling Director - Ashleigh Uzoaru


Ashleigh Uzoaru is an aspiring stylist majoring in marketing at LIM. She is from Ridgewood, NJ, and loves to attend music and art events in her free time. When she is not out she is at home watching Netflix with a bag of kettle baked barbecue chips at arms reach. If she could trade closets with anyone on earth it would be Rihanna because “she does no wrong when it comes to fashion.” One day she even wants to start her own designer label inspired by Rihanna’s daring unpredictable style.

Web Director - Madison Ross


This aspiring philanthropist is an International Business major,  honors student, and peer mentor at LIM. Though she’s originally from sunny San Diego, California, Madison has lived internationally throughout her tween and teen life. During her leisure time, you'll most likely find Madison writing for her blog, or heading to or from an art gallery or philosophy lecture. As a founder LIM's Philanthropy Club and Web Director of The Lexington Line, Madison wishes to further merge philanthropy with business endeavors. Ms. Ross is interested in social change and cultural awareness seeking opportunities in corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and international relations. Let’s connect!

Marketing Director - Morgan Boerum


Morgan Boerum is a sophomore Fashion Scholar majoring in Marketing. She hopes to land a job at a PR firm after graduating college. In the meantime, she is busy working rigorously on expanding The Lexington Line’s reach and finishing all her homework assignments. Morgan is an animal fanatic who has a hard time refraining from petting every dog in sight and hopes to one day own her own hippo. She always has a sparkling water in hand is ready to touch up her lipstick all day every day.

Social Media Director - Zoli Angelillo


Zoli is a junior majoring in fashion merchandising. She currently is a Luxury Photo Hub Intern at Hearst and hopes to someday work for a magazine. She is not sure what her future career will be but she is very interested in social media, styling, and editorial work. In her free time, Zoli loves reading, hanging out with close friends and eating nachos.

Photography Director - Mikayla Schohl


Mikayla is in charge or taking and editing all pictures that appear in the magazine, from photo spreads to the cover to helping editors take pictures for their articles!


Fashion Editor - Isabela Colon


Isabela Colón is a sophomore studying Fashion Merchandising at LIM. With experience assisting stylists for publications such as Vogue Mexico and Odda Magazine, there is no better feeling than a new magazine to add to her stash. As an aspiring fashion editor/ stylist, Isabela is obsessed with all things fashion and staying up to date on the latest trends and designers. When you’re not finding her running around the city, she loves to visit home in central New Jersey and style test shoots with her friends.

Accessories Editor - Madi Roe


My name is Madison Roe, usually go by Madi. I am originally from Seattle, Washington. I am currently a junior at LIM College, majoring in Marketing. I am the Accessories Editor for The Lexington Line. I'm wildly obsessed with shoes and mildly obsessed with bags. Fashion has always been something I've loved. A hobby of mine is photography. If you ever see me around school come and say hi, I love meeting new people!

Beauty Editor - Suhanee Patel

Suhanee Patel is the Beauty Editor and Makeup Artist at The Lexington Line and a third year Marketing student concentrating in Publishing. When she’s not at LIM, you can find her watching Netflix, trying out new products, grabbing a coffee, or hanging out with friends and family. She loves to travel, take naps, and check out new food spots in the city!

Culture Editor - Karla Albenio


Karla Albenio is a senior majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Event Planning. She has interned for public relations firm BPCM with a focus on men’s fashion brands. Karla enjoys spending time with her friends and family, attending concerts, going on vacations, and obsessing over the Kardashians. She also enjoys hip-hop dancing and being on social media during her spare time. Everything she does is for the culture and is all about it.

Lifestyle Editor - Mariele Berkowitz


Mariele Berkowitz is the Lifestyle Editor of The Lexington Line. A senior studying marketing, Mariele enjoys trying her hand at the newest fitness craze of the moment and attempting to earn on spot on Top Chef for her kitchen creations. When she’s not doing school work or interning, you can find her scouring the city in search of the best cup of coffee.

Music Editor - Tiffany Fuentes


Hello, my name is Tiffany Johnson, I am 21 years old and am a junior here at LIM College. I major in Marketing and by the time I graduate I would like to have a job working for FADER magazine or an online music magazine that is devoted to music journalism but incorporates fashion as well. When I’m not in class, studying, or working, you can usually find me in a bookstore or in the gym working on my fitness.

News Editor - Nicole Jezerski


I'm a Junior at LIM College studying Fashion Merchandising. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to NYC when I was 18 to start my career in the fashion industry. Since then, I've had internships in Operations, Magazine Distribution, Editorial, and Fashion Forecasting. As The Lexington Line's LIM Life Editor, I hope to showcase the students and college events in the best possible light.


Assistant Social Media Director - Sarah Curley


Sarah Curley is a third year Fashion Merchandising student. She grew up in Maine and moved to the city last year. She loves social media and is excited to take on this position. When she's not at school or work, she's on the hunt for the perfect latte. Sarah enjoys exploring the city with friends, thrifting, and traveling. Food is also a passion of hers and she's always posting about the delicious spots that she finds.

Assistant Accessories Editor - Nicol Maciejewska


I’m Nicol Maciejewska and I’m the assistant accessories editor at The Lexington Line. Currently I’m a freshman at LIM College and I plan to change my major to Fashion Media next fall. I would love to be a writer for Vogue or ID Magazine and I’m currently a writer for Non Blonde’s Blog. I even have my own blog where I write about Fashion, Music, and what I’m currently up to. I’m always at concerts, shopping, or roaming around art museums.

Assistant Lifestyle Editor - Tyler Harris


Tyler is currently a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Fashion Publishing. While working on the magazine, she is also a sales associate at Vineyard Vines, and a telecounselor in the admissions office. Her favorite number is 25 and thinks Fall is the best season!


Designer - Mickayla Beben


Mickayla Beben is an honors freshman at LIM College studying Marketing. As a designer in training, she’s always open to learning new creative tasks. You can find Mickayla people-watching in parks and chasing cute dogs all around the city. In her downtime, catch her scrolling through Tumblr, sipping a latte, and reviewing French vocabulary.

Set Designer - Maggie Canty


Maggie is a Visual Merchandising major, also concentrating in Fashion Publishing. Aside from writing, she has a passion for studying art and culture, and how it inspires fashion. After graduating, Maggie hopes to work in a hands on and innovative environment, enabling her creativity. Originally from Cape Cod, MA, Maggie loves the ocean, creating art, Mexican food, and exploring NYC.


Digital Assigning Editor - Sabrina Talbert


Sabrina is a New York native and is currently a sophomore studying Fashion Media. Aside from the Lexington Line, Sabrina is also a part of the marketing team for the LIM College Fashion Show. When she's not in school Sabrina enjoys making travel videos, discovering new music, and spending time on her blog.

Digital Content Editor - Marina McCarthy


Marina McCarthy is the Digital Content Editor of The Lexington Line, and is a first year Fashion Merchandising major! Marina is also the Social Media analyst for the LIM College Fashion Show, and enjoys writing for the Odyssey Online. She loves music along with fashion, and her favorite band is the Rolling Stones. Including fashion and music, Marina enjoys reading and collaging, and loves to crack open a fresh Vogue with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Digital Page Designer - Julianna Florian


My name is Julianna Florian, but I answer to Jules. I grew up in Northern Connecticut. I am a sophomore at LIM College majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I am just starting as Digital Page Designer for The Lexington Line. I feel in love with New York City after I first visited here when I was about 7 years old, and finally starting my career here has been a dream come true. My love for Fashion, Makeup, Dogs, and Food guide my decision making. Just a girl who is constantly trying to get her act together, but I make it look oh so effortless.


Faculty Advisor: Professor John Deming

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Kambara

Arts & Sciences Department Chair: Dr. Denice Yanni


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