National Arts Club: Paul Stuart x Phineas Cole

Posted by Emma Goodnough on Feb 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Untitled3-2.pngOn another cold rainy night in Gramercy, The National Arts Club opened the evening with yet another outstanding Fashion Speaks event.The event was in honor of the newest collaboration with Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole, two iconic menswear brands. Both stylish, and both classic. Suits made for a Man with bold taste. Paul Stuart collaborated with Phineas Cole to keep up with the style of the Men’s ideal suit. Ralph Auriemma, the head designer at Phineas Cole, wanted to keep the Paul Stuart suit style, but give it a more modern look. Auriemma, launched the exhibit with an intimate discussion of his career and inspiration. Auriemma spills all, from details and textiles to all the contributing factors to a suit design. Inspired by imported foreign fabrics and 1930’s vintage photos, he has mastered the art of fashion design. The National Arts Club (NAC) exhibits a collaboration of art and fashion with exclusive displays of the new SS16 collection from Phineas Cole and Paul Stuart. Details on the event go beyond presentation but also the erudite atmosphere. The Arts Club in Gramercy Park was open to the public in the Grand Gallery for this event up until Monday, February 1st.

Untitled4-2.pngThe Men’s suits at Paul Stuart are designed to be more modern and bold with the touch from Phineas and Cole. An updated version while still keeping the American roots and English-country side inspiration. Auriemma explains his focus on a 1930’s look; he uses vintage photos of old Hollywood glam for a constant inspiration. While he presents Paul Stuart as a line for a man of classic style, the brand doesn’t like to follow trends; it likes to set them. Men and fashion is a tricky subject to nail and the brand Phineas and Cole and Paul Stuart hit it just right with the hammer. The new and improved modern men’s suit has a new lapel shape, giving it an hourglass cut due to the shorter jacket with shoulder pads giving it structure. Phineas Cole brings edge and trend to the Paul Stuart brand, but still keeps the DNA of the fabrics and silhouette. The recent Phineas Cole suit has a tighter fit, which inspired Auriemma to go for the collaboration due to his biased opinion of old Hollywood glam style. The two brands were benefitted in style and business, aiming for a new target market of men. The ideal customer profile is for a younger man, a man that is a professional, yet bold; stylish, yet classic. Their goal is to loosen up and create a line of eveningwear.

Untitled5.pngRalph Auriemma grew up in Brooklyn, New York with “…No drive and no ambition.” He held jobs in mechanic shops and didn’t care much for fashion. After a moment during his teenage years, he was offered a job at a Menswear store while out shopping with his mother. The job changed his life and he took immediate interest in the industry. He exceled in his position and moved on to bigger and better Menswear companies. He had mentors and traveled the world looking at fabrics and gained so much inspiration from all over the world. Working close by with another Ralph, Ralph Lauren. For duration of 7 years, Ralph became a huge role model to Auriemma, while they worked very close by. Working in Manhattan, he knew he wanted to do Men’s suits instead of eveningwear because of his inspiring environment. He explains the experience of Men rushing up and down Fifth Ave in business attire while also being surrounded by skyscrapers and the New York City hustle.

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