Hipster Foodie-Fest: Smorgasburg 2015

Posted by Liz Gil on Apr 28, 2015 9:16:00 AM


Smorgasburg, the outdoor gorge fest where NYC foodies found true love through arms full of artisanal sandwiches and sweets last year, has returned to make your warm-weathered weekends better.One of the city's signature weekend events this summer, Smorgasburg is located at the East River State Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As if you thought it couldn’t get any more mouth watering than overflowing lobster rolls, hand-dipped wings, and beer cheese (that’s right, those two beautiful words have come together)…think again. The team behind the beautiful scenes at the Brooklyn Flea has selected a bunch of new food vendors, including approximately 100 tastings from over 300 applicants throughout this past winter. This includes infamous establishments like Best Buds Burritos, The Imperial Egg, Piece of Velvet, and a boatload more.

Prior to making my visit to Smorgasburg, I did some pre-pigging-out research on the new vendor lineup in order to strategically have my taste of all the fresh bites they had to offer. Just in time for their grand opening and long awaited 60+ degree weather in NYC, I hopped on the 40-minute ride on the L train surrounded by a slew of new-age hipsters riding with great anticipation to feed their urging stomachs. I could not resist taking advantage of the beating sun and waterfront views, so I decided to revisit The ‘Burg on Saturday to enjoy some good eats and great scenery.

After taking what some would consider an overly extended visit to the festival this past Saturday, I was left completely content (and in a full food-coma) lying on the East River Park grass. The open park landscapes were full of picnicking families, returning and fresh ‘burg visitors (think: hipsters), and nose-to-the-ground genetically mutated, mixed breed, adorable puppies. Below is the lineup for this year’s new vendors, and below that, just some mouthwatering visuals to show you what I tasted. 

Be sure to dive in firsthand, every Saturday on the Williamsburg waterfront at East River State Park and every Sunday in Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 5 from 11am-6pm.

Antica Pesa: Owner and chef Francesco Panella has curated some items specifically for the fest that can’t be found at his Berry St. restaurant–a frittata di pasta, also known at the “spaghetti burger,” pizza bianca, and eggplant parmigiana.

Best Buds Burritos: I’m a sucker for Mexican food, as many people are. Prepare yourself for Best Buds San Diego-style burritos, because we all know if there is one thing Cali does right, it’s tacos and burritos. Stuffed with carne asada, cheese, guacamole, crema, salsa, and, oh wait…French fries.

Big Mozz x Atlantic Ave. Co: If you’re living in BK, you’ve surely heard the word on the street when it comes to the tasty and trendy mozzarella “bomb.” This mini ball of mozzarella comes filled with pesto and more than five different sauces.

Birds & Bubbles: This fried chicken and champagne joint is serving up Nashville chicken atop a biscuit along with deviled egg sauce and dill.

The Cardinal Bakery: There’s always room for desert, right? In addition to their peanut butter and jelly cookies, this bakery is serving up some vegetarian savory goodness that includes broccoli cheddar sandwich with pickled red onion and mustard atop sourdough bread.

Curd’s the Word: Just as it says-cheese curds fried and ready for your choosing, plain or buffalo style.

Dorset Maple Reserve: Out of Southern Vermont, this small-farm operation will be debuting their bottles of syrup and small treats like bacon-maple candies.

Duck Season: Duck confit, on duck sandwiches straight off the bone, and duck fat-fried potatoes. Duck anyone?

Lo.Li.tas: Sliced right off the bone and onto sandwiches, a famed importer of Iberico Spanish ham is serving up what he likes to call “happy porks.”

Goa-Taco: Tacos made with a flaky, buttery, croissant-like tortilla stuffed with anything from pork belly to chicken chorizo to lamb shoulder and more.

The Imperial Egg: An innovative twist on classic pub food, this food stand is churning out spiced lamb and yogurt, chicken sausage with soy aioli, and vegetarian butter bean and cheddar drizzled with enchilada sauce.

Manousheh: After opening their first shop on Bleeker, this Lebanese flatbread purveyor is making its way to Smorgasburg with their infamous sweet and savory street food.

Piece of Velvet: From the typical red to green to all of the rest of the colors of the rainbow—this bakery has all of the velvet cakes and cupcakes you could ever ask for.

Rise & Swine: From the talents behind El Gato Nacho, this stand features home-cured bacon on breakfast sandwiches.

Shuka: You’ve seen their food truck both in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but now you’ll be able to grab some shakshuka at their brand new stand.

Snowday Sugar Shack: A project by Drive Change, this shack is known for employing formerly incarcerated Rikers Island teens and offering what they like to call “sugar on snow” – maple syrup rolled in “snow” and served on a popsicle stick.

The Stand: For your last grab on your way out, this coffee vendor is offering fresh coffee from the tasty Café Grumpy.

Tango Chile Sauce: Once you try it, you’ll be taking mini bottles of it wherever you go. This Brooklyn-based line of hot sauces offers a variety for the sweet, salty, or fresh vinegar-based taste buds.

Tink’s Red Ginger Cocktail Sauce: In more saucy news. This stand braves the change on the conventional cocktail base of horseradish and uses ginger instead.

Von Kava: Not your typical ‘burg stand, this food vendor provides a sit-down booth with a 4-course tasting menu of things like crab fritters, white asparagus soup, poached cod, and a caramel petit.


Lumpia Shack, Spring Roll Sampler


Takumi Taco, Shrimp Taco


BIG MOZZ, Mozz Pops and Roast Pork Sandwich


Dan and John’s Wings







All Photos by Liz Gil, The Lexington Line

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