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Weathering the Storm

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Hurricane Sandy has had a profound impact on thousands upon thousands of residents throughout the Tri-State area. Among their ranks are many LIM College students, faculty, and staff members. In light of these unfortunate circumstances, our community is currently engaged in a number of efforts to assist those whose lives have been upended by the storm.

LIM College’s Office of Residence Life is now holding a donation drive for needed goods. Boxes are set up at all of our campus locations and we are encouraging students, faculty and staff to donate food, clothing and toiletries. These donated items will be distributed to several organizations, so that a wide range of those affected receive support. Our Office of Student Life also sponsored a Community Breakfast this week at which attendees were asked to donate non-perishable and ready-to-eat food items.

Additionally, the LIM Fashion Education Foundation, which provides scholarship and grant aid to deserving students, will earmark a portion of funds specifically for those students affected financially by the storm – and whose ability to pursue their education goals may now be in jeopardy.

We’ve also postponed certain deadlines, including those for tuition payment and withdrawing from a course without penalty.

LIM College has always offered a variety of support services to students in need. During this difficult time we remain committed to helping the members of our College community however we can.

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